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Best Travel Clothes – The Phrase T-Shirt!

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There’s nothing like travelling in a country where you just don’t know the language (not even the slang or swear words). Native English speakers normally have it so easy. That’s because everyone else who is not a native English speaker wants to learn English and practice with you. But there are some situations when travelling when the world’s universal language isn’t going to help you out in a sticky situation!

With the advent of smartphones these days, you can plug something into Google Translate and it will spit out a translation that normally won’t resemble the Monty Python dodgy English-Hungarian dictionary sketch where a customer says ‘my hovercraft is full of eels, please fondle my buttocks’. This, and a few hand gestures might get you through!

However, what if your phone is flat or you don’t have access? That’s where you need this rather clever T-Shirt that should be part of your Travel Clothes arsenal – the phrase T-Shirt!

That’s right, just point your finger to whatever you need, for example – a phone, hospital, post box, somewhere to eat, the toilets, where the airport is, and point to how many of them you need!

Best Travel Clothes Shirt

I thought this was a pretty smart idea.

But I think I can make this shirt even more accurate and helpful – well, for some people anyway!

Best Travel Clothes – the ‘real’ phrase T-Shirt!

I’ve had a go at devising my own useful travel clothes, or specifically, my own phrasebook T-Shirt!

Here is what I think the reality is for many travellers! ;P

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I’ve also provided a translation for each one!

Best Travel Clothes - The Phrase T-Shirt! Funny Travel T-Shirt

The explanations run from the top, in a clockwise direction!

  1. Where do I go for beer?
  2. Where do I throw my guts up after I have drunk way too much beer?
  3. Where’s the best place to go for a slight stomach upset after eating something that’s a little dodgy?
  4. Where’s the best place for treatment if I’m throwing projectiles at both ends?
  5. Where’e the best place to pick up in this town?
  6. Where’s the best place to be treated for STI’s once I’ve picked up in this town?
  7. Do you have any weed?
  8. I’m a bad driver and I’ve lost my driver’s licence because you guys drive on the opposite side of the road to me!

There you go – do you have any great ideas that would make a great travel shirt?

Leave your comment below and I’m sure some clothing company might help you bring your crazy idea to life!

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2 thoughts on “Best Travel Clothes – The Phrase T-Shirt!”

  1. Avatar Of Lila Allen

    I love this T-shirt. It could be sooo useful. LOL You made my day. Thanks for sharing!

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