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The Tesalate Gym Workout Towel Review – Stop The Smell Now!

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These days, loads of people are on a health kick, and as part of that fitness regime, this might include a number of gym sessions a week, and the odd yoga session thrown in here and there.

Best Yoga Mat Towels

That’s a great thing, especially if this increase in physical exertion levels leads to a remarkable decrease in heart attack hospital admissions in the future! Can you imagine people saying, ‘that obesity epidemic was terrible, I couldn’t stop eating all of that junk food!’

While the mental and physical benefits of exercise are proven and undoubtedly, a positive impact on society, there is one rather unfortunate side effect of this sweat-inducing activity – for some people, the cloth towel used to wipe up their hard work can often turn, well, festy! Note, this is Australian slang for smelly (as well as the word, pongy!).

This is especially so if a used towel is left in one place for a number of days before it reaches a washing machine, which then becomes a glorified petri dish! So that’s where an anti-pong towel might come in handy to stop it from going off like a bucket of prawns in the hot sun!

Anyway, you may have seen a previous write up I did about the Tesalate Sand-Free beach towel. I quite like how this towel repels beach sand so it doesn’t stick to you when you wipe down the salty water from your sun-drenched skin. These towels have become very popular, and I use mine frequently so I don’t feel like I’ve been tarred and feathered at the beach! They’ve been very popular for both people wanting to land one for themselves, as well as gifts for family and friends.

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Tesalate knew they were on a winner here and they decided to take a punt on expanding into other markets where there is an obvious need – the anti-stench gym towel market! And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Anyway, Tesalate kindly sent me another of their products to review – their gym workout towel. Since I was really happy with the beach towel (and use it all the time), I thought I’d give it a crack!

Best Gym Workout Towels Review - Tesalate

So What’s The Gym Workout Towel All About?

The Tesalate Gym Workout Towel is sort of like the sand-free beach towel’s cousin – same but different! The similarities are that they are both lightweight and compact, absorb a heap of water, are fast drying, and don’t take up much room in your backpack.

I asked for the rather hypnotising ‘In The Zone’ design which I thought looked pretty cool!

Best Antibacterial Gym Towel - Tesalate In The Zone Design.

The main difference though is that the Tesalate Gym workout towel is smaller and even lighter than the beach towel (the workout towel measures around 100 cm x 45 cm), plus it’s made of fabric which is designed to limit the proliferation of bacteria, and hence, smell. This is a great idea if you don’t have a chance to wash it immediately, for example, if you’ve dropped into the gym for a workout first thing in the morning, and then have to go to work, while it sits inside your bag for a large chunk of the day.

Having been a regular user of end-of-trip facilities, I can tell you that there’s nothing quite as unappealing as the reeking smell of a musty locker because someone has left their gym gear and stinky towel in there for way too long!

Best Odour Free Gym Towels

Like the beach towels, the workout towels are available in a range of bright colours that should suit anyone’s taste. Plus they’ll probably get the conversation going with others at the gym you frequent because the designs are pretty striking, and you never know where that might lead you!

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I’ve been using the towel when I do my weight sessions. Not that I’m trying to transform myself into a mega beefcake, but it’s important that you keep up your muscle mass as you get older so you don’t fall over! And I’ve not washed the towel until the next day, and I’ll put it this way – I can’t smell myself on the towel when I throw it into the wash!

From my point of view, I do like the lightweight and compact nature of the towel. There’s also a practical element which I hadn’t thought of at first – it’s also distinctively double-sided, so you know which part has been touching the equipment or yoga mat – and which side has been touching you!

Best Double Sided Towels

You don’t have to think ‘which side have I been lying on’ and hope that it hasn’t been the one that’s been touching heaps of others! Brilliant for the germophobes who want to stay fit and healthy!

So anyway, that’s it from me. If you’re interested in more, check out the workout towels section of their website.

Just remember, you’ll probably smell way more than your Tesalate workout towel!

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