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Travel Blog Names – What They Really Should Be Called!

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It’s time to take the piss out of travel blogging again! And this time, it’s about Travel Blog Names!

Funnily enough, people laugh when I tell them the name of my silly travel blog is The Travel Tart. They actually like it because it’s a bit cheeky without being offensive.. much.. 🙂

Here is an insight – I called this silly travel blog ‘The Travel Tart’ because someone called me that and I thought this was a great name for a website.

What it really means is that I’m someone who loves travelling!

Travel Blog Names

But I thought it was time to come up with a few travel blog names that actually accurately reflect the state of the ‘travel blogging industry’.

As with anything, there’s good and bad. So stick with the good and make fun of the bad!

I do poke fun a bit at travel bloggers (and even fashion bloggers sometimes!) – check out my posts on travel blogs with a laughtravel jokes for travel bloggers, stupid jokes about travel bloggers, and April Fools Jokes to play on Travel Bloggers.

Oh, and What’s The Wifi Password?

Travel Blog Names – When They’re Honest!

Anyway, here we go – and I’ve broken these titles down by travel blog category!

Adventure Travel Blogs

  • Crazy Things I Did Without Travel Insurance
  • I Risked My Life Travelling To Make The News
  • Around The World With 80 Broken Bones
  • Food That Left Me Sitting On The Toilet For The Week

Twenty Something Travel Blogs

  • No Debt, No Partner, No Kids, No Worries!
  • Travel Before Responsibilities
  • How To Leave Your Student Debt Behind
  • I Pissed Up My Life Savings Against The Wall
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Thirty Something Travel Blogs

  • I Wish I Hadn’t Called My Travel Blog About Twenty Somethings

Forty Something Travel Blogs

  • I Wish I Hadn’t Called My Travel Blog About Thirty Somethings

Fifty Something Travel Blogs

  • I Wish I Hadn’t Called My Travel Blog About Forty Somethings

Corporate Travel Blogs

  • I Escaped The Fluorescent Prison And Now I’m Broke
  • I Still Have To Work Even Though I’m A Travel Blogger
  • I Didn’t Quite Win The Lottery For A Lifetime of Travel

Drink/Drugs Related Travel Blogs

  • Off My Facebook
  • Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beerholder
  • I Can Drink And Blog At The Same Time!
  • I smoked the Hashtag off my Tweet!

Fashion Travel Blogs

  • Blonde Chicks In Bikinis
  • I Didn’t Pay For Any Outfits!
  • Six Pack Sojurns
  • Instagram Idiots
Blonde Girls In Bikinis

Language Travel Blogs

  • I Only Know The Swear Words
  • How To Say Beer In Every Language
  • How To Pick Up In Any Language
  • The Best Pick Up Lines In Any Language That Won’t Get You Beaten Up
  • Just Use Google Translate

Family Travel Blogs

  • Homeschooling The Kids While We Have Fun
  • We Left The Kids With Their Grandparents
  • Where To Take Your Kids Before They Become Obnoxious Teenagers
  • Why Did We Have Kids When We Love Travel So Much?

There you go.

If you’ve got any funny travel blog names that should be registered out there because they’re true, let me know!

More silly stuff about Travel Blogging:

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  1. Avatar Of Amit

    Great blog I was laughing and learning a lot while reading your blog even for a minute I did not felt bored while reading.

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