Travel Jokes for Travel Bloggers

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Travel Blogging is starting to take itself a bit too seriously for my liking, so it’s time for some Travel Jokes and a bit of silliness to be injected into all of this nonsense.

This post follows on a bit from Travel Blogger Bingo, where you try to find all of the wanky travel blogger terminology that has crept into the vocabulary these days.

Ironically, the only reason that Travel Bloggers even exist is because of the internet. So much in travel has changed over the last 20 years. It’s ridiculous sometimes!

Travel Jokes For Travel Bloggers

Actually, one of the funniest websites I’ve seen for a while is The Life of A Travel Blogger. This contains a series of images and travel jokes that take the piss out of travel blogging. This is obviously created by someone who is in the business, but this person hasn’t been identified yet. And no, it’s not me!

So here we go – my list of Travel Jokes for Travel Bloggers. Feel free to add yours below in the comments section! If for some reason you find these corny jokes funny, it’s because they’re all true.

Travel Jokes for Online Travel Tweeps

Q: What did the travel blogger say to the other travel blogger?

A: I’m not sure if I could ever visit [insert country here] – It’s not that it’s not safe or anything like that, but I don’t think I could handle the lack of WiFi!

Q: How many travel bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?

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A: At least six. One to actually change the lightbulb, one to Tweet it, one to Facebook it, one to Instagram it, one to Stumble it and one to complain how bad the WiFi is.

Q: What did the traditional media travel writer say to the travel blogger on the press trip?

A: Oh, you’re one of THOSE…

Travel bloggers go to meetups and then spend the entire night tweeting about it on their smartphone instead of talking face to face.

When travel bloggers prepare to travel, they lay out all their clothes and all their money. They then take half the clothes and stuff their backpack with a computer, smartphone, iPad, Digital SLR Camera, video camera…

Q: What is the most expensive part of a travel blogger’s travel insurance?

A: The extra item limits related to all their electronic crap!

Travel bloggers are backpackers who now stay in five star hotels for free (yes, I’m guilty of that too).

I have over [insert number here] followers on Twitter. Some of them are actually real people.

Q: What do Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy and the dirty filthy rich travel blogger have in common?

A: None of them exist.

Most travel bloggers rate their accommodation on whether they had decent WiFi or not, regardless of how insect ridden the establishment is.

Travel bloggers react to a ‘free WiFi’ sign the same way that alcoholics react to a ‘Free Beer’ one.

Q: What happens to a travel blogger when they are disconnected from Facebook, Twitter and their real time website statistics for more than 30 minutes?

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A: Separation anxiety.

Q: What function on a Travel Blogger’s smart phone is one that they could easily do without?

A: The ability to make actual phone calls to actually converse with someone using their voice.

Q: What’s the first thing travel bloggers say to each other when they meet face to face for the first time?

A: Wow, you look so much different in real life when compared to your profile picture.

Q: What’s the first app a travel blogger installs on their smart phone?

A: The free WiFi finder app.

There you go. What other travel jokes for travel bloggers have you come up with?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Or contact the best ever Australian travel blogger here… 😛

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Anthony Bianco - The Travel Tart

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Avatar Of D.j. - The World Of Deej

D.J. - The World of Deej · at

Funny stuff. I like the one about backpackers staying in five star hotels. I was never a backpacker, but I have an unquenchable thirst for five star hotels:)

Avatar Of Maria

Maria · at

Anthony, you crack me up!
My favorite:
Q: What function on a Travel Blogger’s smart phone is one that they could easily do without?

A: The ability to make actual phone calls to actually converse with someone using their voice.

Avatar Of Kay Dougherty

Kay Dougherty · at

What does a travel blogger enjoy the most about a new adventure?

An increase in his Klout score.

Avatar Of Jennifer

Jennifer · at

Love this! Will share!

So what’S the app for free wi-fi? lol

Avatar Of Jamie

Jamie · at

Re : Travel bloggers react to a free WiFi sign the same way that alcoholics react to a Free Beer one

I reckon plenty of travel bloggers are borderline alcoholics, so will be looking for places with a happy hour (preferably a happy hour that lasts several hours) *and* free wifi.

Avatar Of Anne @ Pretraveller

Anne @ Pretraveller · at

Anthony, I am ROFL! This is so true! And I am definitely of seeking Wifi – mainly when I book a hotel but if the hotel Wifi is too expensive (or costs extra…) then I am definitely looking for free options elsewhere!

Avatar Of Suzanne Fluhr

Suzanne Fluhr · at

I’m sharing this on the Boomer Travel Blogger FB group. I suspect there will some squirming in rueful recognition. 😉

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