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Funny Money – The Australian Five Dollar Note Joke Trick! Money Origami!

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Okay, this one is definitely not politically correct. It’s about some Funny Money. But not the counterfeit stuff or the endless printing of U.S. Dollars by the American Government.

No, this is a silly money folding trick involving the Australian Five Dollar Note – otherwise known as Money Origami!

The only reason I know about this silly joke is because some random drunkard in a pub once approached me and showed me this exact way of currency origami. And I’ve never forgotten it because it really messed with my head!

WARNING: This has some sexual innuendo concepts! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. If this is something that you don’t like, stop reading now!

The Funny Money Joke! Queen Elizabeth Money Origami

I find that if I show this to English people, they freak out because they’ve never seen their queen in this way. But then they see the funny side and I have a beer with them anyway.

Well, this is how it all goes!

Step 1:

Go up to someone (especially an English Person), and show them the Australian Five Dollar note. The one with the Queen on it. There are other variants of the 5 dollar note in circulation, but this is the most popular one.

When you show them the note, ask them in a serious tone – ‘Can you see any sexual activity at all in this picture?’

The vast majority of people/suspects will just scratch their head and say ‘I don’t think so!’

You then reply – ‘let me show you!’

Funny Money - Australian Five Dollar Note Joke. Money Origami!

Step 2:

Rotate the Australian Five Dollar note anti-clockwise, so that the 5 ends up in the top left hand corner. Like so.

Australian Five Dollar Note Joke - Vertical

Step 3:

Fold the back of the note down so that the picture shows the Queen’s cheek at the top.

Dirty Whale Blowjob Joke

Step 4:

Cover up the Queen’s mouth with your left thumb.

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You’ll end up with this image, and it looks like….

Sexual Innuendo

For some reason, men tend to get this joke earlier then women – probably because their brains are wired a certain way..

Yes, it’s totally childish and stupid. But you would be surprised how many people lose the plot when they see this. Especially the English!

Oh well. If you ever lay your hands on this form of currency, feel free to practice some funny money tricks!

What other currency tricks do you know of? Leave a comment and share with the world!

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Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

3 thoughts on “Funny Money – The Australian Five Dollar Note Joke Trick! Money Origami!”

  1. Avatar Of Amanda

    There’s also one with the Aussie fiver that makes it look like a whale giving a BJ. I can’t remember how to do it, and am in the UK with no Aussie money in sight, but maybe you can experiment to get that result!

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