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Stupid Jokes About Travel Bloggers

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Okay, it’s time for some silly, corny and stupid jokes about travel bloggers again, because the whole travel blogging industry is still taking themselves way too seriously. I’ve compiled a list of more jokes poking fun at travel blogs and bloggers and dumped them into this post.

This is a continuation from Travel Jokes For Travel Bloggers.

Stupid Jokes About Travel Bloggers

Here we go!

Some Silly and Stupid Jokes about Travel Bloggers – Part 2!

Did you hear about the travel blogger who had the crap beaten out of him by his other travel blogger friend because his autocorrect didn’t work properly on his smart phone? He messaged him that we was tapping his wife, not his wifi…

How does a travel blogger write their autobiography? Only on Instagram

Travel Bloggers use road trips are a good excuse to see if a tweet can be sent along every mile of the journey

What does a travel blogger do as soon as they arrive home? They catch up with pop culture and are shocked at all of the things Miley Cyrus is up to

Spam is the internet’s way of taking minutes away from a travel bloggers life that they’ll never get back

Travel bloggers are like travel writers except that they work for free

Procrastination is the new productivity when it comes to travel blogging

What do travel bloggers call beer at the internet cafe? Liquid inspiration

What does a travel blogger class as a productive day? How many tweets and facebook updates they’ve sent out that no one wants to read

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What’s a travel bloggers biggest orgasm? An upgrade to business class.. that includes free Wi-Fi..

A travel blogger is most likely to die from a computer crash than from a car crash.

Travel bloggers like to create an infographic about how to deal with useless infographic submissions from public relations people..

What’s the only photograph that a travel blogger will ever print out? Their passport photo

A nomadic travel blogger is one who wanders the globe in search of the next internet cafe

One travel blogger says to the other travel blogger, ‘How are you going?’. The other travel blogger says ‘fine, refer to my blog for more details’..

How does a travel blogger react to the offer of ‘free content’ from a marketing professional? They offer a free delete!

Travel bloggers leave the office cubicle only to find themselves living in toilet cubicle after they’ve eaten a dodgy meal in some third world country

What does a desperate travel blogger do? He sits on the corner with a piece of cardboard that says ‘will blog for free wi-fi’ written on it

What do you call a company that pays a travel bloggers yearly salary? A myth

What’s the cheapest form of an accommodation for a travel blogger? An internet cafe..

What does a travel blogger include on their travel insurance policy? Only the important stuff, like covering loss of their smart phone, computer, mp3 player. Health insurance is optional!

So there you go. Feel free to add your piss take to the comments!

Oh, and in a shameless plug because I’ve sold my soul to the internet, contact me if you want to send a ‘professional travel blogger somewhere on an all expense paid trip’ 😛

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  1. Avatar Of Amanda Burger

    literally laughing out loud! this one is the best – A nomadic travel blogger is one who wanders the globe in search of the next internet cafe. hahaha so true!

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