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Weird Indian Cuisine – 5 Bizarre Foods From The Subcontinent!

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Today I’ve got a guest post from Rohit who runs Trans India Travels.

It’s about some of the weird Indian Food and Cuisine that’s out there. Something that you probably won’t find at your local Indian Restaurant.

These dishes look pretty bizarre, which means I’d be silly enough to give it a go!

Here it is!

Indian Cuisine – 5 Bizarre Indian Foods

Indians love to eat! Our love for food binds us all together; before claiming ourselves as a devout Hindu or Muslim or anything else, we are foodies and proud ones. What amazes me is the fact that, every region in India produces a catalogue of tastes that is starkly different from other regions (using the same ingredients).

We are hearty eaters and we don’t disappoint our host, starting from snacks to main course to dessert – everything is welcome. I have travelled through the length and breadth of the country and one thing I have noticed again and again is that – Indian dishes are strange! At times it feels that no sane men could have ever invented such dishes, they were for sure discovered by some lunatic.

1. Red Ant Chutney

Red Ant Chutney

Photo by Teena Sometimes, CC BY-SA 4.0

This unusual dish is quite popular in Chattisgarh. Red ants are way too common there. I guess people invented this dish just to teach ants a lesson. Red ant dip is prepared with ants and their eggs. Red ants produce the purest form of formic acid, the acid gives a sharp, tangy feel to the chutney. Apart from being a good seasoning dish, this chutney provides you a strange satisfaction, satisfaction of seeking revenge from those pesky creatures which make your life miserable in every possible manner.

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2. Eri Polu

Indian Cuisine - Eri Polu

Photo by Blueberry87, CC BY 2.0

You will never be able to guess the contents of this dish if you don’t ask, Eri Polu is a magical preparation. Eri Polu is prepared with silk pupa. Silk worm left after extracting silk is collected and cooked. Since the cocoon is boiled in hot water to take the silk out, the left over which is called silk pupa is already soft enough, this pupa is further cooked with traditional Assamese herbs and spices and served which smoked bamboo shoots. The texture, a peculiar aroma and unbelievable softness make this dish unique.

3. Frog Legs

Weird Indian Food - Frog Legs

Photo by Ross Bruniges, CC BY 2.0

An Indian bullfrog, prepared the French way – lets call this dish a hybrid one. Not many people will like the idea of eating a frog. A traveler once told me, the surest and easiest way to break up with your girlfriend is to treat her with frog legs. I agree!

4. Dog Meat

Eating Dog Meat

Photo by Yun Huang Yong, CC BY 2.0

No sane man could have ever invented such a dish, after all you don’t eat your best friends. Dog meat is popular in certain parts of Nagaland and Mizoram. Yes, they eat their dogs and they love them both ways: alive as well as dead.

5. Khorisa

Ever thought of chewing bamboo shoots? Khorisa is a shoot prepared with great care and finesse. Tender shoots are fermented, later on mixed with mustard oil, salt, onions and chilly. The mode of preparation and the additives are all either tangy or spicy. This dish will set your tongue on fire.

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If I keep visiting new places in India, I am sure I will find equally (or even more) strange dishes in the coming time, I just need to travel more.

Author Bio:
Rohit is an architect by profession and is a helpless wanderer. He loves to explore new places and tastes. He likes to write about his travel experiences out of passion and hobby. You can visit his website at

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