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Unusual Travel Photo Time!

Today’s Unusual Travel Photo is the Cow Beach, and it comes from Goa, in India, a place that is renowned for it’s tasty food. I haven’t been there yet, but would like to check it out one day. I love Indian curries, and I would like to check out the regional variations to give my taste buds a pounding.

Anyway, this Unusual Travel Photo was sent to me via a friend via email after his recent travels there. I think Goa was one of his favourite places.

We’ve heard all the stories about cows walking on the streets in India.  It seems to me they also like suntanning on the beach like us humans. No Joke!

Unusual Travel Photo Of The Day

Here is the evidence below. It’s not something you normally see every day!

Unusual Travel Photo - Cow Beach - Anjuna Beach - Goa

This picture is a carnivore’s delight if you’re the type who loves a big steak.  But cooking up these animals in India might make you a social pariah, considering cows are pretty much sacred there. I think that’s why these cows are having such a great time on the beach. Hell, I would be doing the same if I were in their shoes (or hooves).

For those of you that are hungry, check out my piece about the great steak in South America, titled Don’t Cry For Meat Argentina.

From looking at this Unusual Travel Photo, I’ve just thought of a new market – Banana Beach Lounges for Cows.  I can just imagine them lying on their backs, chilling out, munching on their favourite piece of grass with one hoof, and their favourite martini in the other!

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I am going to set up my own travel agencies for cows now! I think there is a huge potential untapped market out there waiting to be exploited.

Anyway, enjoy this Unusual Travel Photo!

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10 thoughts on “Unusual Travel Photo – Cow Beach”

  1. Avatar Of Denise Michaels, &Quot;Your Excellent Adventure&Quot;

    My husband is originally from India. 80 percent of the population is Hindu. They’re the cow worshippers. 15 percent is Muslim. They eat beef in other countries but not in India. And 3 percent of the population is Christian. Ernie’s in that three percent. He never ate beef until he came to the US at the age of 18.

    His first job (living in Washington DC with his Dad) was as a busboy at a fancy Georgetown steakhouse restaurant. As a boy he lived through famine and to this day he gets upset at wasted food. He told me many times women would take one or two bites of steak and send the rest back. He used to set away the uneaten portions and eat ’em on his break.

  2. Avatar Of Iran Tour Packages

    The cows here are nude too! Have you noticed them? It looks like a nude beach boy!

    I’m so happy that I’ve chosen to be a vegetarian and not eat any meat at all. Animals are living things that need to be treated the way we call ourselves civilized beings.

    I’m sure these beaches can be better used, not necessarily as nude beaches! Plenty of tourists could come and enjoy them while tour operators create job for local people and bring money into the country.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Destination Iran

  3. Avatar Of Himu

    hello junta…
    why is it so hard for western world to believe that India , people donot eat cows . There are many cultures in Asia where dogs are eaten and that hurts your sensibility , but not eating cow becomes funny and a pun for Hindus. I know they are nuisance and its a developing country. Take notes on India and its 5000 yr old vedic culture , u will understand , they are not just cow worshipper, hope u dont worship dog either. Many hindus are also vegetarian , which has become a fad in western world.

    1. Avatar Of Anthony

      I never suggested not eating a cow was unusual – having different cultures and beliefs is the whole reason people travel, to see and experience something different. Seeing a large group of cows on a beach is something that doesn’t happen every day in the western world!

  4. Avatar Of Kristin

    Yes! Love it – cows on the beach. I saw the same thing in Goa and promptly made it my facebook picture for weeks on end.

  5. Avatar Of Nilesh

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