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Cool Drinks & Recipes For Order in India. Seamen?

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Today, I’ve got another funny travel photo from Mel who runs Bogan on a Bus about some Cool Drinks advertised that she spotted on her travels in India.

Now, she obviously didn’t take this one at the Cafe Laughing Buddha that was recommended by Lonely People. This is another piece of gold!

When I received this from Mel, she mentioned that ‘This one may be a little too obvious….it’s from Fort Kochi, Kerala, India. Taken at the local beach shack.’

Oh no.. it’s one of those language ones Try not to cringe too much when saying this one out loud! Maybe say it at work!

Cool Drinks. I want one right now…not..

Cool Drinks For Sale In India

Urrghh. I know the spelling takes away the mental image somewhat, but if you say the sign out loud to someone so they only hear the words instead of seeing them, then I’m sure that you would receive a blank stare for sure! Especially if you ordered something like ‘glass of your best Seamen drink’ please! Just like Sea Min Drink in Thailand!

I really don’t think that Seamen Cool Drinks would really quench your thirst on a very hot and humid day when compared to the awesome beer names that I came across in India, such as Knockout Beer and Happy Beer, both of which are very commendable drops. They are worth a try if you are ever on the subcontinent. I’m keen to drink either of these beers at the cricket because Indians are so passionate about the game and they all go bit mental when the national team is doing well.

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Knockout Beer knocks you out because of it’s high alcohol content, whereas Happy Beer makes you happy – like most beer does!

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I don’t think this sign appeared in A Cool Drink of Water (Barbara Kerley Photo Inspirations).

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