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Taking The Piss – Distilled Cow Urine. Yummo

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I’ve been to India before, and anyone who has been there would notice the cows in the streets, and even at the beaches.

Yes, they’re sacred, and you can’t avoid coming across cows mixing with the general public at some point during your trip to the cricket crazy sub-continent.

But today’s silly post goes over and beyond cow popularity contests.

I’ve got a funny travel photo from Rob who found this gem in India during his epic trip to Kashmir!

He’s a full-time traveller and blogger over at Worldwide Travel Advice! You can find out more about him and his travel antics here!

Anyway Rob says more here:

We know they’re cow-mad in India, but this?!

Distilled Cow Urine Anyone? Surely they’re taking the piss…literally!

Taking The Piss

The label reads: “Distillate of Fresh Cow urine, collected from Indian breed cow”

Well I’m glad that’s cleared up then! What the hell do you do with this stuff?!

Do you water the garden with it? Are you supposed to drink it?

Ooh, I love a bit of cow piss in my morning coffee. (Would the added fennel seeds and rose petals take the piss taste away?)

Gomutra Cow Urine

Surely this questionable bovine-beverage should come with a warning label of some sort!

(The Travel Tart).

Well, if you can lay your hands on this stuff, called Gomutra (or Gamutra), it actually is used to provide ‘health benefits’ to those who are game enough to drink this.

Depending on what you mix Gomutra with, the myriad of cow urine concoctions available can treat all sorts of things from fevers to leprosy, cancer, and even asthma.

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But it seems you can use the stuff for anything. Gomutra is often used to make floor cleaner, soap and shampoo (not sham-pee… boom boom!)

Whilst I’m all for healthy living, I might give ordering this stuff online a miss. I don’t think the friendly people at customs and border protection would like me importing animal products into Australia, even if they are distilled!

To anyone out there who has tried distilled cow urine, let me know what it tastes like!

And you need to use a word other than ‘piss’!

I reckon I’d need to down an entire carton of the funnily named, but accurate (and nice tasting) Indian amber ale called Knockout Beer to wash the taste away!

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