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Chickens For Sale. The Multicoloured Variety!

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Today, I’ve got a totally bizarre travel photo from Steve.

Steve is a budget travel guru and a self-proclaimed cheapskate extraordinaire! (yes, there is nothing like tight arse travelling!)

Check out his epic blog, the aptly named Travelling Cheaply.

Anyway Steve has a ‘colourful’ article about chickens for sale for this silly website today. And I mean that in the literal and figurative sense!

It’s from India, the place that has brought you distilled cow urine, Seamen drinks and and ethical computer hacking.

Anyway, chickens have made a few appearances before here. Things like the deep fried chicken head that’s ready to eat, KFC – the Kabul, Afghanistan version, and offbeat chicken curries from South Africa.

Somehow, I don’t think this is going to make any PETA awards any time soon!

Anyway, Steve says ‘These coloured chickens might not be organic, fair trade or at all ethical – but they’re very colourful!’

Multicoloured Chickens for Sale!

Chickens For Sale

Steve continues: This kind Indian gentleman saw us having a rest during a bike ride and saw his opportunity – ‘Maybe the foreigners want some of my coloured chickens!’

Anyway, this is what we saw when he opened up his basket – bright pops of colour everywhere!

It’s like you almost need a pair of sunglasses to have a look at them!

Coloured Chickens

When we asked how he achieved this cruel act, he said he soaked the fertilised eggs in food colouring before they hatch… Very nice!

We chatted to him for a while as he posed for pictures with his coloured-creations, but then got a bit annoyed when we didn’t want to buy any.. Never mind!

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Hopefully this isn’t normal Indian Street Food! I’ll stick to Chicken tikka masala thank you!

(The Travel Tart)

But unfortunately, this guy has probably had to resort to colouring his chickens to make a living, because that’s just the way it is in the third world.

You’ll do almost anything to make a rupee to put food on the table. Even if it involves what westerners think as bizarre!

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