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Apart from finding anything amusing that doesn’t quite work in English, I also like checking out the road signs that pass me by when travelling on a bus, car, or some form of unroadworthy that makes me question why I took it in the first place.

Of course, road signs are (usually) created by official organisations, and sometimes I’ve spotted some that have been a tad on the unusual side.

These include:

Anyway, the Border Roads Organisation from India is one that doesn’t mind injecting a bit of humour into their road signs. If you go to their website, I love their tagline – We Will Either Find A Way, Or Make One! This road making organisation provides support to the Indian armed forces, so I believe their tagline as they build roads in some of the most inhospitable, and high-altitude locations on the globe.

Sounds like they won’t muck around if they need to move their defence forces around. They’ve constructed well over 50,000 kilometres of roads, so there you go.

Anyway, check this sign out. Sound advice in four words!

Funny Indian Road Signs!

This sign was erected probably because it happened!

Funny Indian Road Signs

And then there is this one which seems a bit cryptic on first view.

Traffic Rules In India

But there is a story behind that one. For Indians, the road sign is as obvious as dog’s balls. Lama refers to the area which has plenty of buddhist monks. Gama was a famous Indian wrestler who is still revered today. So the meaning actually means that you shouldn’t drive aggressively on the road. Rhyming the words Gama with Lama brings in the quirky sense of humour. I love that stuff!

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Some of the other nuggets of road trip gold that you might see from the Border Roads Organisation include:

  • “Drive slow to avoid grave below”
  • “On the bend, go slow friend”
  • “Better be Mr. Late than Late Mr.”
  • “Let your insurance policy mature before you”
  • “Safety on road : is ‘safe tea’ at home”
  • “Be Gentle on My Curves”
  • “Life Is Short, Don’t Make It Shorter”

Be safe if you travel there. There’s a damn good reason why those signs exist!

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