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Steak House Bizarre Advertisement – The Best Steak In Town WTF!

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A steakhouse is a vegetarian’s and vegan’s worst nightmare.  Personally, I like a big feed of bovine now and then that almost sends me into hibernation. Have a look at some meat related content at Don’t Cry For Meat Argentina, Meat Market Mayhem, and Mzoli’s Meat.

A while back, I went to Dunedin, on the south island of New Zealand for a small break.

It’s not a bad place to visit – there’s some nice surrounding attractions like seal colonies, albatross nests and rugby stuff, but it sometimes becomes miserable and drizzly and is great weather for ducks.

Anyway, on one of these gloomy days, I was trawling through a free, easily available local magazine.  On Page 4, I came across this fairly standard advertisement for the Huntsmen Steak House.

This Steak House Ad looks innocent enough!

Best Steakhouse Menu &Amp; Advertisement

Yeah, no worries, that’s fair enough.  But I thought it was a bit strange that a much larger, more ‘in your face’ advertisement for the same Steak House appeared on Page 24 of the same publication!

I’ve placed this truly bizarre ad below.  I’m just wondering if anyone notices the Steak?

I was gobsmacked because this Steak House ad appeared in a local guide outlining what’s going on in Dunedin for both locals and visitors – and not in a sealed section of an adult magazine! I wonder if it sells more steaks?

What the F*$%?? Warning, not politically correct at all!

Steak House of the Year?

Steakhouse - The Best Steaks In Town Advertising
I’ve heard of Meat Markets before, but this is taking it to another level!

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8 thoughts on “Steak House Bizarre Advertisement – The Best Steak In Town WTF!”

  1. Avatar Of Wedding Photographer Salt Lake City
    wedding photographer salt lake city

    That’s the way it should be! we need those kinds of steak houses here!

  2. Avatar Of Chris@Wedding Photographer Boston
    chris@wedding photographer boston

    Just a part of their marketing strategy to attract buyers.

  3. Avatar Of Melbourne Restaurant
    Melbourne Restaurant

    Haha…so should this steakhouse get some royalties from Lady Gaga?
    And what is particularly weird is the “tell your parents” headline…
    So they are marketing to minors or young adult males.

    And the heading “under new ownership”…..will check if this restaurant is around a year later.

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