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Here we go, this is a silly random post about chicken bones and the bizarre arrangements you can come up with if you’re looking for a good excuse to pass the time!

Ahhh, familiarity with the things from home!

One of the best things about travelling to different places is to get stuck into the local food. However, if westernism has infiltrated the particular country of your visit, you are bound to come across one of those large multi-national food chains that seem to have a restaurant on almost every corner.

Now, I normally don’t eat at these places at home because I know that I can cook up a much healthier and tastier meal myself. There might be the odd occasion where I feel like something a bit more naughty when I’m lazy, so that’s when I’d probably go down to one of these joints for a feed. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of junk food in moderation!

And I’m less likely to eat at one of them overseas because I really want to scoff down as much of the local cuisine as I can lay my tastebuds on! I mean, I don’t go overseas to try the local version of a multinational burger or fried chicken! I want to try all of the stuff that I know I cannot ingest at home!

And i’ll try the weirdest food I can lay my hands on as long as it doesn’t leave me sitting on the crapper for a few weeks!

For some people however, they sometimes crave what they might sometimes eat at home, so there is a reason why these large take away food chains pop up their head whenever you’re away from home base.

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But anyway, it looks like some people do more than eat when they visit their local fast food establishment. Normally, when I’ve finished tucking into a bit of fried chicken, the remains tend to go straight into the rubbush!

But if you’re not doing anything and you’re pretty bored and looking for an excuse to pass the time, then why not play with the food that you’ve just eaten!

Just have a look at these brilliant arrangements of chicken bones that some artistic customer crafted together at their local KFC!

There’s nothing like letting your imagination run wild!

Let’s have a look!

Chicken Bones at KFC

First of all, there is the chicken bone donkey! Now I’m thinking this would take a lot of effort and imagination to arrange all of these bones into the right shape!

Now give me a piece of fried chicken and let me turn it into chicken bone origami, but I think this amazing sculpture deserves some real estate in the Louvre!

Right next to the Mona Lisa!

Chicken Bones

And of course, there is nothing like incorporating Colonel Sanders into your chicken bone creations as well.

Colonel Sanders

Looks like white men can jump after all! Boom Boom!

Funny Kfc

Or maybe make Colonel Sanders your knight in shining armour!

Kentucky Fried Chicken

On guard ye chicken eaters!

When the Colonel first invented his eleven secret herbs and spices, I’m sure he didn’t bank on anyway taking the piss out of him like this!

I reckon this one would make an awesome pirate flag!

Skull And Cross Bones

How about you? Are you guilty of eating at one of these places overseas that you could easily have at home just because it’s familiar?

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And I’m not talking about the rip off versions like the KFC in Kabul, Afghanistan either!

Tell us your finger licking good stories!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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