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Love Potatoes? Then Send Your Friend a Spud!

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Today, I’ve got something a bit different on the travel front. Other travel blogs talk about people travelling. But this silly article is going to yak about food travelling around the place.

It’s about the humble potato. The world’s fourth largest food crop. This unassuming tuber that originated in the Andes has now become a staple throughout the world. I’d say that pretty much everyone in the world has eaten a potato at some point in their lives!

In fact, when there’s not enough of the stuff like the Potato Famine that occurred in Ireland in the 1800s, it can change the course of history!

But someone has discovered a truly bizarre way to celebrate this vegetable – by allowing you to post one to anyone you desire!

That’s right, you can send a potato (otherwise known as a ‘spud’) in the mail, just like sending any gift.

But you don’t send the spud in a package – it’s a potato with stamps stuck to it!

Send a Potato to someone via Mail A Spud!

Funny Potatoes

Yes, Mail a Spud is a service where you can prank someone that you like, or don’t like!

Mail A Spud

It’s such a simple idea – you go to the Mail A Spud website, plug in a name and address, fork out 10 bucks, and a potato will end up to your desired recipient like this!

Unfortunately, this service is only available in the United States so you can only send a spud to someone with a registered U.S postal address.

But even if yo don’t live there, if you know someone in the United States, why not post a potato to them anyway? I’m sure you might have some Facebook friends that do!

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The only way I know about this silly site was because Sean from Mail A Spud contacted me and asked if I wanted to have a potato sent to me. Normally, I would have loved to have received an inedible food source (by the time it reached me) sent to my mailbox, but because I live in Australia, the friendly people at Australian Quarantine would have stopped the spud in its tracks as soon as it entered the country and have it immediately destroyed. And I couldn’t bear to have this vegetable have an inglorious end like that!

Plus, they would have noted my name and address, and probably given me a free cavity search the next time I leave the country!

Potato Recipes

Anyway, people often question why these silly prank websites pop up. Really, they’re harmless and just a bit of fun!

I mean, what’s not amusing about sending something oddball to someone’s post box? I’d piss myself laughing if I saw this in amongst my other letters.


It would be way better than receiving a bill, that’s for sure!

What’s funny is that people on the receiving end see the funny side and post pictures of their spud to social media, celebrating the chuckle they’ve just had!

Twitter Potatoes

And what’s wrong about making someone laugh?

United States Postal Service

Even the hard working folks at the United States Postal Service think it’s funny! I’m sure it makes a change from them sorting out all of the other junk that floats around in the post office!

There you go!

So if you feel like taking the piss out of someone, just mail them a spud for no apparent reason!

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Maybe someone should send one to Barack Obama at the White House in Washington D.C.  I’m sure he has a quirky sense of humour and would appreciate the gesture!

But if I ever receive a spud in the mail, I’d appreciate that someone was thinking of me!

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6 thoughts on “Love Potatoes? Then Send Your Friend a Spud!”

  1. Avatar Of Margaret Coates
    Margaret Coates

    Years ago, maybe 40?, I mailed a steak bone to my sister to show her the wonderful meal she had missed. I just put a stamp on the bone and mailed it – and she received it!

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