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Things To Do and Don’t In Wellington, New Zealand!

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Today I have a post from Daniel Hughes about the things to do and not to do in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. And it’s not what you expect!

I’ve been to Wellington and I had no idea about the things ‘not to do!’

Here you go!

What to do and not to do in Wellington

Wellington is little known in the grand scheme of things, but in many ways, it’s one of the most vibrant places in the world. Basically, it’s a bit of hidden gem (although if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, it takes a bloody long time to get there).

Once upon a time, I had the privilege of spending three great, but somewhat ‘topsy turvy’ years living in Oriental Bay – Wellington’s answer to Beverley Hills, but with less nose jobs and breast augmentations.

To summarise early on: if you’re thinking of paying Wellington a visit – please do – it’s great. But before you set foot within those green city lines, you might want to check this out…

Things To Do In Wellington New Zealand

The Wellington Dos

  • Do take a trip on the Wellington cable car up to the Botanical Gardens and check out the plants. Tip, go to the viewing point and beat your chest like King Kong – for some reason, it just feels right!
  • Do spend a night boozing on Cuba Street. Start at the Irish Bar, check out a local band at Bodega and head North to the late night Havana Bar
  • Do get a bus to up the hill and go for a nocturnal walk through the dense woods near Wadestown. Note: you might want bring a compass, a head torch – and maybe some spare underpants!
  • Do go to Te Papa Museum by the harbour. It’s an incredible resource for New Zealand’s rich cultural history and if you’re backpacking, it’s only a stone’s throw from the YHA Hostel
  • Do spend a day on the beach at Oriental Bay with a few cold ones. Don’t worry, there hasn’t been any shark attacks there yet, although if you’re a lady, you might want to watch out for the land sharks
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The Wellington Don’ts

  • Don’t get intoxicated, hop on the cable car, stumble around and get in an unnecessary altercation with the driver. You’ll be made an example of in front of the whole carriage, be ejected and have to walk the rest of the way – uphill!
  • Don’t try and play your musical instrument of choice at a Bodega Bar open jam night when you’ve had a few too many and your hand eye coordination is shot. They take their music very seriously in there, and if you mess up, you won’t be allowed back for the entirety of your trip
  • Don’t go picking magic mushrooms in the woods near Wadestown without an experienced local guide. Not only will you trip balls and start to see gremlins sporting the face of an evil Willem Defoe, you’ll also spend around 12 hours turning your guts inside out on the toilet (of if you’re really unlucky, the beach, pavement and bush too)
Magic Mushrooms
  • Don’t miss out on Te Papa, whatever you do – it really is an essential part to any Wellington visit. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a donation; and don’t  try and touch the colossal squid
  • Don’t think you’re more powerful than the sun when enjoying Oriental Bay beach. Once I spent half an hour in the sea there without sunscreen and came out looking like a lobster’s foreskin – I literally couldn’t move for two days. Also, if you climb the ledge at the Fisherman’s Table, don’t jump into the sea – it’s not a magical lagoon; it’s half a foot deep and has jagged rocks at the bottom!

Enjoy your trip to Wellington, NZ, have a fantastic time, but avoid the above advice at your own peril.

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