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Haunted Places – Mount Victoria Tunnel Wellington New Zealand

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If you’re ever in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, you might want to check out one of the more unusual Haunted Places in the world. You may as well go there if you’re travelling from the other side of the world to visit the Land of Hobbits! Actually on a side note, Peter Jackson, who was the director for the spectacular Lord Of The Rings movies and now The Hobbit, lives in Wellington.

Apparently, rumour has it that he has bought all of the houses in the street where he lives so he can control what kind of characters move into the neighbourhood! Well, if you’ve got the power to do it, why not? By the way, if you want to check out some of his screwed up movies early on in his career, check out the late 1908s cult classic Meet The Feebles. I guarantee you will walk away from this movie feeling a bit f*^&ed up because it’s really disturbing!

But I digress. The Haunted Place I’m talking about is a bit unusual – it’s the Mount Victoria road tunnel, which is a main thoroughfare connecting the different suburbs within Wellington City. Here is an entrance to the tunnel.

The ‘Toot Tunnel’ – Unusual Haunted Places in New Zealand!

Haunted Places - Mount Victoria Tunnel

The reason that the Mount Victoria Tunnel is one of New Zealand’s Haunted Places is due to a local legend. The legend is that a woman was murdered with her remains buried somewhere in the tunnel during the construction period which occurred in the late 1920s and early 1930s. However, even though numerous investigations and searches were conducted, no evidence or human remains have ever been discovered.

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But you just never know!

Road Tunnel - Wellington New Zealand. Toot Tunnel

But that doesn’t stop the locals from being suspicious! To ward off the potential ghost that may or may not be living in the tunnel, the drivers beep as they drive through each day.  For folks who don’t know why the others are tooting, they join in all of the fun!

Anyway, check out this video footage that illustrated what I’ve been talking about!

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The Mount Wellington Tunnel probably should appear in The Ghost Hunter’s Field Guide: Over 1000 Haunted Places You Can Experience.

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2 thoughts on “Haunted Places – Mount Victoria Tunnel Wellington New Zealand”

  1. Avatar Of Maria

    Thanks for teaching me something new, can hardly wait to drop this factoid into conversation.

    Sometimes it’s the little things, small local quirks that make a place a little more fun.

    The tunnel’s common name cracks me up.

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