Halloween Cakes! So Freaky, You Don’t Want To Eat Them!

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Happy Halloween! It’s October 31 and it’s time for kids all around the world to door knock at every strangers house to say trick or treat so that dentists will be rubbing their hands the next year once all those cavities burn a hole through a lot of teeth and parent’s pockets!

Halloween - Jack Lantern

This event has a long and complicated history, but it’s well and truly alive today.

Your local neighbourhood will be full of people dressed up in all sorts of Halloween costumes and this is the one night of the year were you can wear the weirdest thing you have and no one is going to really care.

But to celebrate, some creative types come up with the most odd, bizarre, and sometimes scary Halloween Cakes.

Yes, Halloween is the perfect time for over active imaginations to go into overdrive to come up with the most out there cake creations to ever be baked in an oven.

Here they are for you to enjoy, and to possibly gross out on!

Some Weird Halloween Cakes!

There are some people out there with way too much time on their hands!

Halloween Cakes
Cut his arm in half…
Chocolate Cake
Need a hand? This cake has a spare one!
Cigarette Cake
Can you eat it or smoke it? Or both?
Creepy Cake
Eyeball Cake
The cake that looks at you looking at it before you eat it.
Eyeball Food
Eyes, shoulders, knees and toes… Or should that be Eyes, fingers, ears and god knows what else?
Funny Muffin
Be careful or someone could lose an eye
Halloween Cake
Poor little birdy…
Halloween Teeth
You’ll need a set of false teeth after eating these sugary ones…
Happy Halloween
I’m lost for words on this one.
Head Cake
No need to get a head of yourself…
Innards Cake
How to make things sugar and spice look like offal!
Kitty Litter Cake
If it looks like s$(%, does it taste like s%*$?
Octopus Cake
Sea Food?
Rat Cake
Waiter, there’s a cake in my rat!
Shark Cake
Where’s the rest of him?
Skull Cake
Who wants to cut the cake?
Spooky Cake
This is just plain freaky!
Trick Or Treat
Eye Can See You!
Weird Cake
No one’s getting out of this box alive!

There you go!

Whatever you’re doing for Halloween, make it a good one!

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