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Camel Recipes – Burgers For Sale in Dubai

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Camel Recipes – An Alternative To Beef Burgers!

Now here is one to challenge your eating paradigms. Ever tried eating camel? It’s a popular form of meat in the middle east and there are numerous Camel Recipes around, including Camel Burgers!

In the west, we’re used to having our meat conveniently and systematically produced from cows, sheep and chicken. You know, from the farm to the supermarket where meat comes from containers wrapped in plastic for our convenience. However, it’s good to try something that’s a bit different that we normally wouldn’t bother trying at home.

Australia has truckloads of wild camels running around after they were released into the wild after they were deemed not economical enough to be used as transport any more. There is just a big market there waiting to be tapped if the demand is there for it – camel meat!

Apparently camel meat is very low in cholesterol, high in protein and has a flavour & texture that is similar to beef (but not identical). If the camel is wild, it also contains no chemicals! Hey, it sounds good to me! I’ve eaten a few (non-endangered) African game meats and thought they were pretty good! So I’m pretty sure that the odd camel recipe here and there would be fine too.

Here is a sign that I spotted on the street in Dubai, clearly advertising Camel Burgers!

Camel Recipes - Camel Meat Burger

Unfortunately, I had just gorged myself on a massive lunch and had no space for a Camel Burger when I spotted this sign. I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to try this, but hey, I will one day. I’m almost certain of it!

Check out some of the Camel Recipes below!

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Camel Cheese Burger

I’m not sure if the camels used in the camel burgers finished last in the Dubai Camel Races, but hey, one of the best parts of travelling is trying the food that doesn’t quite fit what you would normally eat at home!

So the next time I’m in Dubai, I’m going to hunt out a Camel Burger (and potentially some other Camel Recipes) and scoff one down. I’m sure it’s going to taste good!

More Camel Recipe Stuff

Maybe the Camel Burger appeared in 101 Recipes For A Leftover Camel.

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