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James Bond Movies – How 007 Film Plotlines Work!

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James Bond Movies – Get Your Plotlines Here!

Welcome to the most successful movie franchise of all time! For over 50 years, James Bond movies have kept audiences entertained, playing out the male fantasy of being a jetsetting British spy (Agent 007) undertaking adventures around the world whilst (over) sampling the legions of gorgeous women in the course of protecting the world from evil villains and other dodgy characters. As you would guess, the character of James Bond is loosely relevant to travel because each movie is usually set in more than one exotic location. That’s what happens when you have a big budget to burn!

James Bond Movies - 007 Plotlines And List

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This famous spy character was created by author Ian Fleming, and pretty much all of his books have been converted into movies. In fact, new plotlines/movies have to be dreamt up to keep the franchise going. To date, six actors have played the role of James Bond – Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timonthy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. You can check out more at the official 007 website.

Anyway, while there have been well over 20 James Bond movies made, they seem to more or less the same (successful) formula that keeps fans coming back time and time again fore more. That’s fine, I find that the odd movie is a guilty pleasure of mine!

Here is a trailer for the latest movie called Skyfall, which stars Daniel Craig. Let’s see if you can test your new knowledge of the Bond films after this!

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James Bond Plotlines – The Top 10 List

Well, here is a list of 10 ways that James Bond movie plotlines work!

  1. The opening scene usually involves a convoluted chase of some description involving cars, boats or planes where James Bond narrowly escapes with his life – again.
  2. Regardless of how hard she tries or flirts, MoneyPenny (Bond’s bosses secretary) is never going to get with James Bond.
  3. The Gadget Guy called ‘Q’ issues James Bond with a new set of silly spy gadgets that probably made the collection in the International Spy Museum and are far more sophisticated that this Amazon Kindle Cover or the Pigeon Camera. At least one of these gadgets must be used to kill an evil character at some point in the movie.
  4. Bond is also issued with an extremely expensive car like a Bentley or an Aston Martin, which must be used in a car chase and/or must be written off via an elaborate stunt.
  5. The movies must pack in as many corny one liners as possible. For example, if an evil henchman is killed by electrocution, James Bond must reply with something dry like ‘Shocking’…
  6. In the course of his job, James Bond has to sleep with as many women as possible to achieve his mission – whatever it takes. Remarkably, James Bond has never caught a sexually transmitted disease!
  7. Agent 007 must travel to at least two places outside of England to ensure he racks up as many frequent spyer points as possible.
  8. The nominated main villain must devise a ludicrous plan to destroy the world or demand a ransom that equals the gross domestic product of the entire planet – such as weapons satellites or newly created super viruses.
  9. However, the nominated main villain will always die a convoluted death – such as being frozen to death by liquid nitrogen, or being thrown into a pool of man eating sharks! and
  10. James Bond ends up with only one girl at the end of the movie – but she fails to appear in the next one.
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There you go! That’s all you need to know! Now you can audit the above checklist with all of the 007 films ever made!

If you want to audit my dodgy James Bond Movie checklist against all the movies ever made, here is a list of them below if you are feeling a bit bored:

Happy fantasy role playing!

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    The name is Bond. James Bond. And this is a silly list. But it’s probably true..

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