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How To Eat Rujak Cingur in Surabaya, Indonesia – Cow’s Nose With Peanut Sauce

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‘What the?’ I hear you say? Yes, you read right.  Rujak Cingur is Cow’s Nose With Peanut Sauce.

In the spirit of continuing to try the local, and sometimes, odd specialities of each place I have visited in Indonesia (such as Tea with Egg, and Ice with Red Beans), I decided to try this bizarre food – even bizarre for me!

Here is a picture of Rujak Cingur below when it arrives from the kitchen!

Rujak Cingur from Surabaya – Another Bizarre Food!

How To Eat Rujak Cingur In Surabaya, Indonesia - Cow's Nose With Peanut Sauce. Indonesian Food

Rujak Cingur is a specialty dish of the East Java city of Surabaya, in Indonesia.

Alderina from the local Surabaya blogging community, Tugupahlawan, introduced me to this fascinating meal!

The ingredients for the Rujak Cingur recipe are: sliced cow’s nose (including the cartilage), peanut sauce, shrimp paste, noodles, cucumber, tempe (a local ingredient consisting of fermented soybean cake), pineapple, and immature mango.

The nose meat is cooked on a pan with all of these ingredients, and the peanut sauce is added last to smother the mix, which is probably not a bad thing!

In terms of how to eat this – basically, use your knife and spoon to load the mix into your mouth, and start munching away without trying to think of what you are eating!

I must admit, I found Rujak Cingur a bit hard to stomach.  You will know when you are eating the nose when you firstly chomp on the soft meat, and then on the crunchy cartilage bits! Crunchy and meaty at the same time!

But overall, I was quite surprised again just how good this dish tasted.

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You won’t know until you try it!

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Air Asia can fly you to Surabaya from Jakarta in Indonesia.  Check out their website and book a flight to Surabaya to try Cow’s Nose with Peanut Sauce.

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10 thoughts on “How To Eat Rujak Cingur in Surabaya, Indonesia – Cow’s Nose With Peanut Sauce”

  1. Avatar Of Miss Pixie

    Hey does this one make it onto the ’52 Weird Food and Drinks’ List!
    I guess its lucky you have the crunch of the peanuts to offset the cartilage crunch!!! Mmmmm.. moooooooooo!

  2. Avatar Of Luc J

    It looks better than it sounds, but I’d prefer the same recipe with another part of the cow, if you don’t mind!

  3. Avatar Of Djaka

    I … dont … like … it. Well, maybe because I come from Central Java, who has different preferential taste.

  4. Avatar Of Ruthy

    Your site was such a nice one.. very informative and well….i love tasting some new foods too..

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  5. Avatar Of Sri

    I love eating this Rujak. it’s especially good when you have a headache, then eat this with hot chili will help you out. It’s also unique, coz it’s using cow’s nose. Many people, even Indonesians, don’t eat this when they knew that it’s made from cow’s nose. But hey, let me tell you, it tastes great!

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