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Canned Food Around The World – Chicken, Fish, Burgers & Mystery Meat!

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It’s weird food time again! This time, it’s the totally weird arse Canned Food From Around The World!

I have a strange fetish for trying weird stuff and chomping down on it, and some of these appeared in my 52 Tips for Weird Food and Drinks.

They are usually food types that I’ll never come across in my life ever again, so I’m keen to try them at least once!

Most of the weird stuff I’ve tried has been devoured fresh, or cooked. Things like Mopani Worms from South Africa, guinea pigs, and the fish that tastes like chicken.

But I must admit, I’ve steered clear of anything that has been available in a can! And I think this collection of meat in a tin I’ve featured here would even test my stomach!

Canned food is popular around the world and is widely used as a convenient and long-lasting food option. The types of canned food that are commonly consumed vary from country to country and can include fruits, vegetables, soups, broths, beans, meats, fish, and sauces.

Some popular canned food items in different countries include:

  • United States: canned corn, green beans, tuna fish, chili
  • United Kingdom: baked beans, tinned fruit, canned soup, corned beef
  • Japan: canned fruits, canned seafood, pickled vegetables
  • Australia: canned peaches, pineapple, spaghetti
  • France: canned escargot, bouillabaisse, ratatouille
  • Spain: canned seafood, such as sardines, tuna, and anchovies, gazpacho soup

These are just a few examples, and the types of canned food consumed can vary greatly depending on cultural and regional preferences.

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Probably the most famous tinned food available is Spam. In fact, it’s a staple meat for many people around the world. I think we’ve all seen Spam on supermarket shelves in a lot of places, including your home country.

However, it looks like you can ‘can’ almost any food that you desire!

For me, the canned stuff will never taste as good as the fresh stuff. But I’m wondering if the fresh ingredients that entered these cans actually tasted palatable before being sealed off!

Somehow, I don’t thinks so!

So come and join me on this strange (and possibly gut wrenching journey) that celebrates the world of canned food!

Weird and WTF Canned Food from Around The World!

Don’t worry, this one is just a stuffed toy! Just to get you started gently!

Yes, it’s weird to have a toy in a can anyway!

Canned Beaver
Canned Burger

There there is ‘Cheeseburger in a Can’. When you don’t have time to visit your nearest fast food joint! Just pull out one of these out of your cupboard. Actually, this might possibly be a viable option for travelling in remote areas for long periods of time and you just feel like an unhealthy kick of junk food!

Looks like this will satisfy any hunger pain you’ve got! Maybe not..

Processed Burger

Jellied Eels – another amazing culinary gift that the English gave the world! I wonder if they taste as slippery as they look! If you’re keen to try them, jellied eels are the result of boiling them up in a stock and letting them set. You then eat them cold!

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Actually, it’s a tradition that’s been around since the 18th century, so maybe they’re not too bad!

Canned Jellied Eels

Something to make you chuck – Surströmming from Northern Sweden (fermented Baltic Sea herring). Apparently smells and tastes like rotten fish!

Canned Fish - Surströmming From Northern Sweden

And Australia produces canned cheese for the world! I wonder how long this could potentially last without going off!

Canned Food - Canned Bega Processed Cheddar Cheese
Canned Meat

I have no idea what the hell this crap is! Looks like it will eat you, not the other way around!

Yummo. Not. This is mystery meat re-defined!

Canned Wtf

Insects are protein too! It’s probably a healthy snack compared to the other stuff here! And possibly more sustainable!

Chinese Canned Food Insects
Canned Something - Cockroahes?

More insect goodness. Now with a barbeque flavour!

Canned Silk Worm Pupae

Chicken in a can – how appetising! Finger lickin’ good!

Canned Whole Chicken

And there’s more than one brand! Without giblets!

Chicken Can Without Giblets

Green curry crocodile!

Canned Crocodile Curry

And the Scots are in on the act too – canned haggis!

Canned Haggis
Canned Pork Brains

Yummo, pork brains that provide 1170% of your cholesterol intake!

New improved potted possum sauce. I wonder if they received the same backlash that ‘New Coke’ did?

Canned Potted Possum Sauce
Canned Rattlesnake

 I wonder if this stuff rattles in your mouth! 

Back to the insects again!

Canned Roasted Crickets With Eggs
Canned Smokey Bbq Roasted Scorpions

This one might have a bit of sting in the tail!

I wonder if these canned sheep tongues taste baaaaaaaaaaaad?

Canned Sheep Tongues

And finally, there’s that saying that ‘everything that tastes like bacon tastes great’. But I’m not sure about this one!

Canned Sliced Bacon

Anyway, what other unusual and bizarre canned foods have you come across on your travels?

Let us know what weird tinned food you’ve seen!

And even better if you’ve eaten them!

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