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Eating Worms in South Africa. Weird Food Time!

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It’s weird food time again! This time, I’m having a crack at eating worms in South Africa, just for the hell of it. I just felt like having a Bear Grylls moment just before attending the Joy of Jazz Festival in Johannesburg!

I’m always up for trying some bits of alternative protein. Some of the weird crap I’ve tried in the past has been listed in my list of 52 Tips for Weird Food and Drinks.

Other posts I’ve written in the past on weird food have included Cow’s Nose With Satay Sauce and the fish that tastes like chicken from Vanuatu. Then there is also the funny Chinese restaurant menu from Shanghai which leaves many heads shaking.

I’ve also interviewed Stefan Gates who is the master of Weird Food!

But today, it’s about chowing down on a few Mopani Worms as an entree! And here is a picture of a tasty mouthful of them!

Eating Worms - Mopani South Africa

Looks appetising, doesn’t it.

In reality, these Mopani Worms wasn’t the worst thing that I’ve put into my mouth, but they were an acquired taste. A bit chewy and rubbery for my liking, but if I was starving to death and this was the only source of food left in the world that I could eat and guarantee my survival, well, I’d be able to live off these grubs for a little while!

They taste just like koala! (I’m joking, koalas are protected and I could never eat one of them even if I want to!)

Eating Worms Video!

Just to prove that I actually did undertake the process of Eating Worms, here is a short video clip of me ingesting one of them.

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Luckily this was a starter for everyone at the table, not just a course for one person!


There you go! Yummo. Sort of..

More Stuff about Eating Worms

I’m guessing that this silly post should have appeared in How to Eat Fried Worms.

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