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Cattle Country – The Beef City of Bovine Statues!

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Don’t have a cow man!

Today’s silly post is about beef – and a lot of it. Well, it’s actually a series of monuments that pay homage to beef cattle and the steak that comes from them!

If you’re cruising down the east coast of Australia, you’re bound to drive through Rockhampton in central Queensland.

One thing that you will notice is the large number of cow statues that are placed around the main drags of the city!

That’s because Rockhampton markets itself as Australia’s ‘Beef City’ because around two and a half million cattle live within a 250 kilometre radius of this big country town.

Plus if you want to cross over the Tropic of Capricorn, this is one easy place to do that!

But anyway, lets have a look at the bovine monuments you can check out around town.

And I didn’t get to see all of them!

Cattle Country Tributes

Anyway, this is what greets you when you drive into town from the south side – a massive Brahman Bull statue welcoming you to Rockhampton.

Cattle Country - Bull Statues

What’s actually funny about these statues is that the bull ones kept having their testicles stolen by people on a regular basis. I’m sure there they would look great in a lounge room, but this meant that these bull statue balls had to be reinforced with massive steel bars to prevent drunkards from removing them because ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time!’

Check out the steel bars protruding from the testicles from this statue!

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Bovine Images

And this one.

Brahman Bull

Yep, more steel to hold up those balls!

Bull Photos

And yet another one!

Cow Jokes

Now I’ve just shown you a sample of the ‘official’ bull and cow statues.

However, there are a lot of businesses around town who incorporate these statues into their marketing strategy.

This one below looks a little bit worse for wear – it was above the cattle week offices.

Brown Cow

But they’re also used to promote financial services…

Bull Images

And even a real estate business…

Cow Pictures

This one is promoting a horse supplies place (huh?)

Cow Statues

And this one is promoting a training service business.

Funny Cow

Of course, the local tourist office is in on the cow statue action – with probably the most colourful one!

Mad Cow Disease - Crazy Statues

But there is more to Rockhampton than just cattle statues!

It’s a gateway to the nice coastal areas of Yeppoon and Great Keppel Island, plus you can immerse yourself into the nearby country lifestyle too.

If you see any other cattle statues of Rocky that I haven’t included, let me know!

There’s also one at the airport which I didn’t get to photograph!

Anyway, for more silly beef related articles on this stupid website, check out eating cow’s nose in satay sauce, cows in Indian streets, and the crazy South African meat market mayhem!

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