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Here’s something a bit different. I’m always up for a play on words – and the English language, especially Australian Slang, loves making something suggestive out of nothing or create a double entendre, or double meaning!

I’m always keen to check out some cheeky business names which gain your attention as a form of marketing – Trailer Trash, The Electric Chair, Cut The Crap and The Codfather comes to mind!

And I’ve comes across another one that’s an attention grabber – a seafood restaurant that’s actually an eat in trawler, or boat!

The ‘Prawn Star’ – Fresh Seafood Restaurant!

Ha ha! Nice business name! Go the Prawn Star! Sounds like an awesome boat joke to me!

Prawn Star - Funny Restaurant Name!
Photo Credit: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

The Prawn Star is an eat in restaurant on a trawler which is moored in Trinity Inlet in my home town of Cairns in North Queensland, Australia. You might see the odd crocodile in this region now and then.

Diners can book a seat at the table (or the entire table or boat?) and enjoy a hearty seafood feast for a good feed at sunset.

I actually like this about my old part of the world – the lifestyle is laid back and relaxed (probably due to the heat and humidity – otherwise known as ‘Troppo Season’ or ‘Mango Madness‘, and the Prawn Star looks like a relaxed place to have some seafood.

Looks pretty chilled to me! If the owners Google me, offer me a free feed and I’ll be keen to check it out! 🙂

Unique Seafood Restaurant On A Trawler Boat
Photo Credit: Tourism Tropical North Queensland

There’s actually a second boat that’s been brought in to cater for the bookings and demand – called Prawn Star Too! So you have two boats to choose from if you like your alfresco dining out on the water.

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So if you’re after a different Seafood Experience in Cairns, check out the Prawn Star!

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Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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