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Funny Japanese Statue – Caught With Pants Down. Weird Kyoto!

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Here is a unusual and Funny Japanese Statue/sculpture/large advertising feature that’s completely bizarre. And I’m not sure it’s one that would bring in hordes of customers either! I wasn’t exactly convinced when I first saw it!

It’s definitely attention grabbing, and it’s a drawcard to some sort of restaurant I walked past on my G Adventures trip to Japan.

Funny Japanese Statue – Showing a Bit Too Much!

And yes, there is a little bit of manhood showing! Or maybe it was really cold that night…

Funny Japanese Statue - Caught With Pants Down. Weird Japan Outside Kyoto Restaurant.

I really have no idea why this statue was created in the first place. If I was a restaurant owner, this kind of scene wouldn’t be the kind of attraction I’d think of to place in front of my restaurant! I am not exactly sure how this marketing campaign even got off the ground, but hey, this is Japan, and this is exactly why I like this place.

There is always something bizarre, unusual, crazy and offbeat just around the corner. You definitely should have your camera with you at all times over there, because I managed to score a tonne of unusual material to last me quite a while!

Anyway, back to the statue.  I was wondering, marketing is usually full of a lot of spin that doesn’t resemble anything that might occur in the real world. I was wondering, would exact this scene ever occur in real life? If it did, why not whack the dog with your food so you can pull your pants up? Should modesty come before hunger?

Anyway, while this was very unusual, this kind of stuff sets Japan apart from the rest of the world.

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I wonder what’s on the menu? One eyed trouser snake? God knows!

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5 thoughts on “Funny Japanese Statue – Caught With Pants Down. Weird Kyoto!”

  1. Avatar Of Jan'S Travel And Tours
    Jan's Travel and Tours

    It’s a funny statue and this could really get the attention of the people passing by, but if I am the restaurant owner I wouldn’t want it in front of my restaurant.

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