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It’s weird drink time!

And to the absolute global winner of ‘what the hell is that in the bottle’ goes to Japan!

I love Japan because of all the of weird stuff there, which ranges from Engrish to all sorts of devices and gadgets that I’ve never seen before, and would have never have thought of dreaming up!

Not just that, but the great variety of tasty food and culture makes me want to go back for a lot more. The locals are always friendly and polite, and the public transport system is by far the best I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. I thought Germans were the bastion of efficiency until I went to Japan!

A place that defines a train running ‘late’ as more the one minute is taking precision to the umpteenth level.

It’s a cool place, because the Japanese do what they do and it’s different from everything else, and they’re proud of it. And I love it because you’ll see and experience all sorts of bizarre stuff that you won’t find anywhere else!

You know, things like capsule hotels and plastic food displays.

But here is something for you to consider bringing back home in your duty free allowance, especially if you’ve had way too much great Japanese beer or sake!

It’s the weird Japanese Drinks that seem to be available in the vending machines all around town!

Japanese Drinks – This is used for something?

Maybe this stuff is consumed by the gallons by company men who work hard all day and party hard all night only to turn up to the office the next morning in exactly the same clothes they wore yesterday!

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Japanese Drinks - Hangover Cure

I’m not exactly sure what this beverage is for, but I’m guessing it might be a potential headache or hangover cure judging by the abstract figure with the cartoonish dizzyness that is being protruded from the head!

Or it could be a product that stops you from general dizzyness or vertigo. That wouldn’t surprise me, because you can pretty much buy anything you want for whatever you want in Japan.

But you can never be 100% certain unless a friendly local tells you!

If you’ve ever been to Japan and have tried this drink, let me know if it works!

Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

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