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The Broken Penis /Penile Fracture Graffiti Print

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Today I’ve got another weird ass photo from my sister from her trip cruising around the Middle East. She has a taste for the strange as well, so maybe it’s a genetic thing!

She also recently sent me the rather strange funny street sign from Amman in Jordan.

Today, she’s sent through a bizarre broken penis graffiti print that she spotted in Tel Aviv, in Israel.

With a cat on top. That was just lucky!

But before we get to that, some other strange penis related material that has appeared on this silly website has included the Penis Museum in Iceland, and the Penis Enlargement Cream sign from Zambia.

This photo below is even more bizarre than the ‘Viva La Masturbacion’ sign (you don’t even need to understand Spanish to figure that one out!) that I stumbled across in Sydney, Australia when I was walking around town!

Anyway, here it is. And it’s really, really weird!

The Broken Penis Graffiti – WTF?

You know, there is always a motive behind an action. I’m just not sure what it is in this case!

Broken Penis Graffiti Sign
Ouch! My eyes are watering!

The first thing that I thought of when I saw this pic was ‘John Wayne Bobbit‘.

You know, the poor guy who had his old fella cut off by his wife Lorena because he had an affair and she was so pissed off about it that she decided to remove his manhood from his person (yes, it’s a bit harsh, but I thought marriage counselling might have helped instead!).

My sister says ‘I saw this sign on a pillar next to a house. I’m not sure what it is meant to mean but is a little brutal.  We asked someone but they didn’t know but was not able to show the picture at the time.’

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Anyway, if for some bizarre reason you know what the hell this means, let me know by leaving a comment below!

Somehow, I don’t think this is a Banksy creation!

But if he gets the idea from this post… 🙂

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