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MONAS, Indonesia’s National Monument. Funny Building Nickname.

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MONAS – Presidential Project Name Gone Wrong!

If you’re ever in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, you will most likely come across this massive and grand building called MONAS, or the Indonesian National Monument.

This very tall, phallic looking building (you’ll get the pun on this later!) was ordered to be built by former President Sukarno in the 1960’s to celebrate the Indonesia’s independence which occurred just after World War Two.

Here it is pictured below. It’s worth checking out if you’re ever in Jakarta.

Monas Indonesia National Mounment Jakarta

This building has a great view – if you go up to the top, there is a spectacular 360 degree view of Jakarta. It’s worth the big elevator trip to check out the sprawling suburbs of one of south east Asia’s biggest city.

However you won’t ever see the nickname that locals have given MONAS on any wall or plaque.

Unfortunately for President Sukarno, MONAS is jokingly referred to by the locals as ‘Sukarno’s Last Erection’..

So if you check it out, you’ll really know what the locals call it!

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  1. Avatar Of Avid Traveller
    Avid Traveller

    Last Election?, or sorry Last Erection! Ha ha! I can see the advertising opportunities more male enhancement products now….

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