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Phallic Food of the World – The Geoduck!

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Okay, it’s weird seafood time – namely, some Phallic Food!

Here is a weird travel photo of some unusual looking food that I spotted in at a seafood restaurant in Singapore – called the Geoduck. I’ve never come across this one before. The Geoduck (scientific name – Panopea generosa) is a very large edible saltwater clam from North America and it definitely fits my criteria for weird seafood that I’ve stumble upon during my journeys around the place.

Other weird seafood I’ve come across in my travels has included the chicken fish from Vanuatu, sea cucumber guts marinated in lime juice from Samoa, and Octopus Lollipops from Japan. But I haven’t tried Grilled Crap yet from Malaysia!

If you’re really, really interested in eating Geoduck, you can buy this stuff at the Seafood International Restaurant in Singapore.

Anyway, this crazy looking seafood appeared as the one on 10 Weird Things to do in Singapore which I managed to undertake thanks with the help of the friendly local guides found on MeGuideU.

Phallic Food Photo Time – Geoduck for dinner!

Yes, no prizes for associating what the Geoduck looks like. It’s funny how the process of evolution produces unusual organisms like this:

Phallic Food - Geoduck At Seafood International Singapore

I have no idea what Geoduck tastes like as I wasn’t game enough to try it for myself. Too many bad mental images for my liking!

But all of the other food at Seafood International is pretty sensational if you really like it. Try the Sakura prawns, which are prawns cooked using a Japanese flower. I’ve never tried them before, but they were one of the best tasting prawns I’ve tried in my life.

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And frankly, I have no idea how you serve Geoduck. Any suggestions from someone who has tried it are welcome!

Thanks to MeGuideU who provided this experience, and you can also follow them on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

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