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Cappadocia, Turkey – Is that a landform, or am I on weed?

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Cappadocia is located in central Turkey. And there is no other place like this in the entire world. Which makes it definitely worth visiting if you ever make it to central Anatolia.

Can you imagine waking up after a big night on the booze, and stumbling out the door to see this strange sight! It would definitely be a massive WTF!

What would you think?  I reckon someone must have teleported me to the Land of the Giant Dildos. This place looks like something out of a fairy tale, not real life!

Cappadocia, Turkey – Phallic Landform Central!

Cappadocia Turkey Landforms - Caves, Balloon Tours

Actually, this isregion ofCappadocia, near the town of Goreme, in central Turkey.  This region looks like a Star Wars set minus the far-fetched battles that grace the screen of the cinema or wide screen plasma TV’s.

So how did these bizarre landscapes originate?  Well, volcanoes spewed lava across this high, flat section of the Anatolian plateau three million years ago and the subsequent erosion – by wind, rain and snow – gradually battered the lava, leaving weirdly-shaped hills and mounds made of soft, white volcanic rock called tuff, or tufa.

How Cappadocia Formed

When the volcanic lava eroded, it left thousands of curiously-shaped conical rocks giving the landscape its uniqueness.  The Cappadocia valley was littered with thousands of these penis-like formations.

People even carved houses out of these formations and lived there for thousands of years.  I’ll write another post about that later!

You can read more in this book about Cappadocia and Cave Monasteries of Byzantine Cappadocia.

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Also in Turkey, you can also visit Gallipoli, Buy A Carpet, or visit Ephesus.  And drink Efes Beer.  I’ve spent over a month in Turkey, and that wasn’t enough. There’s so many things to do there in Turkey!

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12 thoughts on “Cappadocia, Turkey – Is that a landform, or am I on weed?”

  1. Avatar Of Fun Lilliy

    That is funny.. I traveled twice to Istanbul and still cant get enough of Turkey.. to the point I tried to learn Turkish on my personal blog.. now I am planning my third trip to the Turkish Riviera .. they are all short trips.. but after Antalya and Cirali.. Central Turkey will be the next trip.. I saw a hot air balloon trip on one of the travel magazines and I just have to do it..

    Fun lilliy’s last blog post..My next trip will be…

  2. Avatar Of Iphone Scale

    It’s not cause of the marijuana, there are some very alien looking palces on earth and Turkey has penty of those.

    Google for “10 alien places on earth” and you will find more bizare yet beautiful palces.

  3. Avatar Of Sex Toys

    I’m not quite sure what i would think seeing a landscape quite like that one after a drunken parade. I’m going to take iphone’s advice and take a look at googles top 10 alien places on earth.

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

  4. Avatar Of Trailers For Sale

    there are some very alien looking paalces on earth and turkey has penty of those. i’m going to take iphone’s advice and take a look at googles top 10 alien places on earth..

  5. Avatar Of Turkey Tours

    turkey is beatiful country. sea , beaches , sun and very cheap holiday opportunity.

    i recommed to everyone.

  6. Avatar Of Natalie

    I have my hotel booked in Cappodocia for the first week in November. planning a trip in a hot air balloon as well. Hubby reckons i am crazy! Nice Blog BTW – like your style of writing

  7. Avatar Of Laverne Dorland
    Laverne Dorland

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