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The Ashes Cricket Series – Australia vs England Funny Moments!

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The Ashes are about to start again in England!

This is the classic cricket series between Australia and England that cricket lovers all over the world lay eyes on because of the rivalry and often dramatic play that has occurred in the past.

They’re just fighting over this tiny, but historic little urn for cricket supremacy!

The Ashes Urn - Australia Versus England Cricket Series. Funny Moments

I’ve been lucky enough to attend an Ashes game in Australia. They’re a lot of fun, because the English fans love their cricket and like taking the piss. Their fans, called the ‘Barmy Army’, come up with a lot of inventive and clever cricket songs that take the mickey out of the Australian players and fans.

But its all harmless banter and fun – especially some of the hilarious British Slang and Australian Slang that you’ll hear! While you might take the piss out of each other all day at the cricket, you’ll be sharing yarns over beers together and take the piss out of each other all night, and be best mates!

I’d love to watch an Ashes test match in England one day for a bit of fun – it’s definitely on my bucket list!

All of this rivalry has created a number of peripheral events surrounding the Ashes which are somewhat less serious!

Some of these moments didn’t actually involve the cricket! Let’s have a look at some of them!

Some Funny Ashes Cricket Moments!

David Boon’s 52 beer can flight

Yes, David Boon, famous in an era where a cricketer with a beer gut was deemed a fitness fanatic, drank 52 cans of beer at altitude on the 20 odd hour flight from Australia to England for the 1989 Ashes series.

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Needless to say, he had to be carried off the plane!

David Boon Drinking Beer - 52 Can Trip From Sydney To London

Back in the days when binge drinking was socially acceptable!

Follow Theashes on Twitter

Twitter these days is used by millions of people all over the world, especially when there is something going on. It’s a great tool for sending out stuff to the internet in real time.

Of course, when The Ashes is on, people tag @theashes Twitter account.

Except, this isn’t an official account at all! In fact, it belongs to an American woman who knew nothing about cricket, called Ashley Kerekes, who is pictured below!

Follow @Theashes On Twitter

She set up her account and wondered why it was being bombarded by cricket fans from all over the world when The Ashes was on!

I’m sure she can’t wait for her account to be bombarded by loads of cricket related tweets!

Her Twitter profile says ‘I’m not a freakin’ cricket match!’

But she was such a good sport, she was invited out to Australia to experience an Ashes match!

I hope she enjoyed it and didn’t fall asleep because she didn’t understand any of the rules! Well, at least cricket isn’t as slow as golf!

Streaker Time!

It’s 1975 at Lords in London, and this interesting character decides the run butt naked across the field whilst hurdling over the stumps to liven a slow day’s play up a little bit!

A pretty risky move, jumping over the stumps with no clothes on!

Crazy, yet brilliant!

Cricket Streaker

Yes, he was led away by the police… eventually!

A thieving entrepreneur joke

Christopher Skase was an Australian ‘entrepreneur’ who lived a lavish lifestyle in the 1980s, but it all came crashing down and he owed a lot of people millions of dollars.

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Instead of facing creditors, he ran off to the Spanish island of Majorca with his wife Pixie and never set foot in Australia again for fear of being arrested.

Christopher And Pixie Skase

Australia last won a cricket series in England in 2001. Coincidentally, this happened at the same time when Skase died from emphysema.

I remember this joke floating around at the time which made me think ‘that’s so wrong, but yet so funny’.

Q: What’s the difference between the Australian cricket team and Pixie Skase?

A: The Australian cricket team are bringing home the Ashes…

More Ashes Stuff

Anyway, for the cricket tragics out there, it’s going to be a long and enjoyable series, and the GDP of both Australia and England will suffer because the cricket season goes for a couple of months!

Otherwise, if you don’t like cricket, you’ll probably have a good sleep!

But if you’re into cricket (like the billion people in India!), what has been your favourite Ashes moment?

Let us all know!

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    I need to watch Cricket so I can understand the intricacies of the game from which baseball was born … sorta played in phys ed a long time ago, but that’s it!

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