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Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally?) He’s At The Cricket!

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Where’s Waldo? is a popular cartoon that was created by Pommy illustrator, Martin Hanford.

Where’s Waldo (sometimes known as Where’s Wally as well) originally came out in the 1980’s, and had its heyday in the 1990’s.  Where’s Waldo is used in North America, and Where’s Wally is used everywhere else.

Basically, one has to ‘find’ Waldo/Wally in amongst a busy cartoon image of people doing silly things.  Sometimes, finding Waldo/Wally can take a couple of minutes, or sometimes a few hours.

Waldo is a bit easier to recognise because of his red and white striped shirt, red hat and big glasses.

You can also buy all sorts of Where Waldo merchandise.

Things such as Where’s Waldo books, Video Games, Puzzles and even a Costume.

However, can you imagine finding 150 real life Waldo’s in the crowd of a major sporting event.  Organising such an event takes some effort, and is a major logistical exercise.

Where’s Waldo May Be Drunk!

Imagine organising all of the Where’s Waldo gear for all of these characters below!

Where's Waldo, Or Where's Wally Dress Up Costumes

Well, I went to the cricket at the Gabba in Brisbane this year again (you can view my post about going to the International Cricket last year), and I was part of a group of 150 ‘Where’s Waldos‘ sitting together, sometimes watching the cricket.

We even made national (and international) TV this year!

I took a load of (sometimes hilarious) footage and pieced it together into a short video.  You will get idea of what happens in the crowd at the cricket.

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Basically, not much cricket watching!  Actually, there’s hardly any cricket action in this vid at all about Where’s Wally!

It’s mostly a lot of silly singing, making friends with the local police force, and practicing one’s Beer Cup recycling skills.

Ironically, it’s fairly easy to find 150 Where’s Waldo’s when they’re all sitting together.

Stands out like dog’s testicles really.

Anyway, enjoy Where’s Waldo at the cricket, and have a laugh! You’ll hear loads of Australian Expressions and Idioms!


Be a share millionaire! Tell the world!

2 thoughts on “Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally?) He’s At The Cricket!”

  1. Avatar Of Chino

    Hahaha! Too many waldos! Nice photos there, where’s waldo? These are fun to watch. Nice post.

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