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Supply Chain Management Jobs & Examples – More Important Masters of Transport and Logistics!

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It’s time for more Masters of Transport and Logistics! This is where inventive and innovative people take Supply Chain Management to the next level.

I see these pictures as tribute to the people who were dealt a crap hand by being born in a country that doesn’t have many resources, and people do the best with what they have – which is usually nothing.

When I go travelling overseas, I am constantly amazed at how some people transport stuff from Point A to Point B. And it’s usually a tonne of stuff that has to be transported in devices and machines that were never meant to handle such crazy loads!

I’ve always called this one of the wonders of the world and I think they should be recognised!

Anyway, check out these amazing pics that I’ve scoured which show how amazing and inventive people can be when they need to move things around!

I totally admire these people – I wouldn’t have to guts to even attempt this!

Here we go!

Supply Chain Management – How to transport stuff any way you can!

Car Overloaded With Apples

These apples are going to keep thousands of doctors away!

Asian Vegetables On Scooter

Make sure you eat your leafy greens.

Crossing River On Rope With Bike

How to cross a river on your bike!

Scooter Overloaded With Plastic Bottles

Taking recycling to the next level.

Bovine Transport - Cow Inside Car

The Bovine “Moo-ver”!

Camel Transport On Back Of Car

Camels need transporting too! One hump or two?

Van Overloaded With Car Tyres

How many of these are going to give this guy a Good Year?

Bicycle Transporting Car Shell Body

Just popping this one down to the scrap metal recycling centre!

Transporting Chair On Head On Motorbike

Yes, you can transport a chair up there!

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Cow Inside Car

Another “moo-ver”

Crates On Motor Scooter

Safety red!

Transporting Eggs On Motor Scooter

This pic is eggscellent!

Transporting Family On Scooter

Family transport

Car Overloaded With Firewood

You don’t need to tie that load down!

Scooter Overloaded With Flowers

Eat your vegies!

Transporting Gate Via Motor Scooter


Transporting Rubbish Via Scooter

Teamwork again!

Transporting Large Load Of Grass Via Bicycle

I’ve got loads of grass, anyone want to get high?

Truck Overloaded With Hay

Hay you! Are you overloaded bro?

Hula Hoops Transport By Scooter

Hula hoop handover!

Transporting Ice By Scooter

This guy is as cool as ice!

Transporting Large Fish By Scooter

Gone fishing.

Transporting Large Log By Scooter And Bicycle

Going to or coming home from the construction site?

Logging Car

I’ve got enough firewood to keep me going for the entire Siberian winter!

Transporting Mirror By Scooter

The biggest rear vision mirror ever! 

Transporting Pigs In Vietnam By Scooter

B-dee, b-dee, that’s all folks!

Transporting Plastic Bottles Manual Labour

If you thought your town had a plastic bottle problem..

Transporting Poly Pipes By Car

Pipe dream, or for real?

Transporting Pony By Car

I’ve feeling a bit horse today…

Transporting Poultry By Motorbike

Chicken man.

Motorbike Seafood Restaurant

Mobile seafood restaurant

Scooter And Chickens

Chicken lady

Scooter And Family

More family transport..

Steel Pipes On Scooter

I’ve just come back from the hardware shop.

Supply Chain Management Jobs And Examples

Recycling on steroids

Truck Tyres Transport By Scooter

I’m tyred of this work.

Transporting Vans On Trucks

Stack em up bro!

Transporting Fridge Whitegoods On Bicycle

Round somewhere with a fridge..

There you go, there’s a great collection of transport masterpieces!

What’s the best one you’ve seen travelling?

Let us know your best supply chain management / masters of transport and logistics story and share it with the world!

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6 thoughts on “Supply Chain Management Jobs & Examples – More Important Masters of Transport and Logistics!”

  1. Avatar Of The Guy Who Flies

    Wow Anthony, I’ve seen some transport sights in my time but these pictures are collectively great and sometimes downright bizarre!

    I’m not sure how people can get a cow or a horse into the back of a car but clearly they can. I’d hate to think what the RSPCA would have to say about it.

    Little wonder that we see so many tragic road accidents in these countries with less strict transport rules.

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