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Asian Travel Tips and Techniques – The Multipurpose Scooter!

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Here is another one for entry into ‘Masters of Transport and Logistics’ that you can use on your next Asian Travel journey – how to transport almost anything on a scooter! And I mean, everything including literally the kitchen sink!

Previous fantastic examples that have appeared on this silly website include the bucket seats, how to ride a bike with an ox, the entire family, live pigs, the entire apartment, and the satellite dish!

Today, we have a large steel gate that is being transported from Point A to Point B! I spotted this in Banda Aceh, Indonesia and hurriedly took a shot which is why it appears a bit blurry!

Asian Travel Techniques – How to Move Metalwork!

Here it is!

Asian Travel Tips - Masters Of Transport And Logistics - Multipurpose Scooter

After thinking about it, this photo is a pretty impressive feat. I can imagine that steel gate would be pretty heavy, so to try and balance this thing without it falling on the drivers’ head and knocking him out cold would seem to me to be a great skill to acquire!

Looks like these guys have transported objects like this millions of times around the place!

One again, this photo is a product of the environment – when you don’t have much money to move things around, you have to make do with what you got. Which is usually nothing, but hats off to these guys who are just trying to make a living any way that they can.

I’m glad I don’t have to do something like this just to put food on the table! I’m pretty grateful to be living in the first world so I don’t have to think of ingenious ways to survive!

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But these pictures reinforce my travel motto – ‘the more you learn about other countries, the more you learn about your own’.

That’s right, you can find out what people in other countries don’t have that you take for granted everyday!

Anyway, these guys deserve to be paid way more than what they’re earning!

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