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Adventure Motorcycles – the Toilet Brush Version!

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Ahh, Vietnam! This place is an absolute gold mine of funny travel photos, especially when it comes to Masters of Transport and Logistics.

I haven’t been there, but I would love to at some time because I’m sure I’d come back home with enough material to keep this site running for decades!

This is where ridiculously large amounts of all sorts of stuff are transported around the country miraculously via the humble scooter! In many instances, the crazy loads tend to greatly exceed the engineering capacity of the vehicle!

I actually think these scooters are actually hard core Adventure Motorcycles!

There’s no way in the world I would ever want to ride one with all of the stuff they carry, but at the same time, I totally admire the guts it takes to make a living.

I mean, this is what people have to do to make a Baht or Dong in South East Asia, and I say hats off to them. Count your lucky stars if you were born in a first world country and don’t have to put up with this stuff!

Anyway, some adventure motorcycles examples that have previously graced this silly website that just takes up way too much time on the internet include:

And today, I’ve got another one to add to this ever growing list, and it’s pretty cool! If you’re looking for items to clean your house with, you don’t have to go down to your massive department store!

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This one is from Karolina and Patryk who run

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Anyway, let’s have a look at this funny travel photo that they spotted in Vietnam!

Adventure Motorcycles! With something to scrub your toilet with!

If you ever needed a spare toilet brush or feather duster, you just have to hail down this guy in the street.

I’m sure he would be glad to serve you.

Adventure Motorcycles

I’m just wondering how long it took to load up his two wheeled chariot with all of this gear to make sure it wouldn’t fall off during transit to wherever he was going to sell his brushy and feathery cargo!

Also, he had safety in mind too. He stands out like the proverbial dog’s testicles with the multi-coloured brush heads sticking up and forwards! I’m certain that all of the drivers on the other overloaded scooters would spot him a mile away!

I really do admire these people and the lengths they go to just to put food on the table. It blows me away whenever I see something like this!

So if you’re ever travelling around South East Asia or other third world countries, you probably should buy something from one of these guys, even if you don’t really need it.

Give him the money, and the give the toilet brush away to someone who would really appreciate it!

What other ‘Adventure Motorcycles‘ have you spotted on your travels?

Let us know what they were carrying in copious amounts and share it with the world!

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