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Seafood Recipes – Raw Sea Cucumber Guts Marinated in Lime Juice!

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That’s right, this stuff is RAW sea cucumber guts!

Here is one to add to the weird foods list to try before you die. Or maybe, it’s one of the meal to try if you want to die! I can’t remember the actual name of this Seafood Recipes concoction, but this bottle contains the innards of a sea cucumber, that’s been stewing inside of a coke bottle with lime juice!

I don’t think this will be making any Rick Stein show anytime soon!

Seafood Recipes to make you spew!

Best Seafood Recipes - Sea Cucumber In Lime Juice

This bizarre and somewhat stomach churning Seafood Recipe mixture is a unique Samoan delicacy – I definitely haven’t come across anything else like it. Apparently, it looks like, smells like, and probably tastes like salty snot with a dash of citrus. You can buy the stuff at the local fish markets, and I’ve also seen it for sale in recycled coke bottles on the side of the road.

My first mental image was that this stuff looked like a collection of tapeworms preserved in formaldehyde!

Since I’ve tried all sorts of unusual food like Cow’s Nose With Satay Sauce and Tea With Egg, I had been thinking about trying Sea Cucumber guts to see if it would leave me convulsing on the floor as soon as I tried it. However, once the bottle is opened, the whole lot has to be ingested at once, and I wasn’t that hungry! Somehow, I don’t think I’m going to try and recreate this seafood recipe at home!

Like many weird sounding foods, this stuff supposedly tastes terrible, but is apparently great for your general health and well-being. But I need more convincing!

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But if you’re ever in the awesome Pacific Island nation of Samoa, check out this stuff, and you never know, you might be tempted to try some yourself!

Ok, you probably won’t find this Seafood Recipe on the Samoa Tourism Authority website!

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6 thoughts on “Seafood Recipes – Raw Sea Cucumber Guts Marinated in Lime Juice!”

  1. Avatar Of Burt H. Johnson
    Burt H. Johnson

    Ha ha ha… Hello Mr. Tart! I am Samoan, and this little story of yours about sea cucumber is quite hilarious. Anyways, you’re right it would take quite a bit of convincing for someone that isn’t used to it. It’s called Sea… I know, funny spelling right? Lol… I’m on my phone, so I’m not gonna try and type out the pronunciation. But I did just want to throw ya a little advice and guidance, if ya get the chance… Don’t try it! Well, unless you really want to or so you can say you have. Lol! Ok brada, keep the laughs coming. Oh! By the way, don’t let the name deter you; proudly born & raised Samoan. Islander residing in Misouri, have a good one.

    1. Avatar Of Anthony The Travel Tart

      Ha ha Burt, thanks for the advice! I really enjoyed Samoa. I loved it so much there, I don’t want to tell anyone else about it! ;P Thanks for the advice regarding this Samoan delicacy. I love trying weird stuff, but this one made be cringe!

  2. Avatar Of Myra Faamausili
    Myra Faamausili

    I absolutely agree with this!! ? I still do not understand why my dad and sister LOOOOVE this stuff lol apparently the stronger the stench the better it tastes. I tried a bit and it tastes just as bad as it looks and smells. I have never been a fan of raw seafood like mussels and oysters anyway and am surprisingly a part of the minority of Samoans that don’t ??‍♀️?

  3. Avatar Of Jay Davidson

    This stuff.. I love it..
    Yes it looks and sounds the way you see it..
    And its the smell is like a bag stomach fart that burns..
    When I use to live on Samoa I grew up eating this stuff
    It’s harder to get these days.. Try maybe the sea cucumber it self will taste similar but the texture almost like chewy bit of the mussel attached to the shell and octopus.. If its fresh is very tuff and you’d be chewing it for few min.. But fresher the better. Village’s who live near the sea will have to get up early hours in morning to get it for you
    Once you try the sea cucumber than think about trying the wormy guts lol not at bad.. Taste great with lemons or lime you need to eat it with taro or yam or breadfruit
    And its good for you
    Great athrodisiac!!!!!!! And zinc


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