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Food and Travel Interview with Sally Lynch, and Eating Whale Sperm

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By far, one of the best things about travelling around to different parts of the world is chomping down on the local food that is around the place (or Food Travel!). I tend to let myself go a bit because I pretty much want to try anything my stomach can lay it’s lining on, even if it is the weird sound food like Cow’s Nose with Satay Sauce and sea cucumber guts marinated in lime juice (okay, maybe, not that one!)

Someone who has made a living from taking food tours around the globe is Sally Lynch, who runs Taste Trekkers. She gets to take people to places like Italy, Spain and Japan and goes through each countries cuisine and goes to places where the locals eat.

Sounds like my kind of gluttony holiday to me!

Food Travel Interview - Sally Lynch From Taste Trekkers

I met Sally at the Hampton Food Festival (where I also met chef Matt Golinski), which is a small town west of Brisbane. This is where local fruit and vegetable producers put their fresh food on show for people to buy and cook great food.

As part of any foodie interview, I asked her what was the weirdest food that she’s ever tried. And she said whale sperm, in Japan!

Note, I did say whale sperm, and not sperm whales!

Food and Travel Chat – Sally Lynch

Here it is. Watch me dry reach when I get to the whale sperm part!

By the way, a few years back, reality TV star Snooki from Jersey Shore quoted that the ocean was salty because of whale sperm. It was nominated as one of the abuses against science!

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Looks like she wasn’t paying attention in her science lessons!

Anyway, if you’re ever in Queensland around May of each year, check out the Hampton Festival if you’re a foodie type! There’s cuisines from all over the world plus you can buy some pretty smicko fruit and vegetables there for you to take home.

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  1. Avatar Of Skinnyspermeater

    I love sperm ! I would like to try eating whale sperm ! Where can I get it in Sydney ?

    Cheers, SSE

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