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How To Advertise Beer and Travel Without Being In Your Face!

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Corona Extra presents Someplace Else

Here is one for the Beer Index, which is my shonky list of the cost of travelling in the places I’ve been to based on the price of beer per litre.

Anyway, this is in regards of the clever Someplace Else campaign which has been released by Corona Extra. I like how this short film plucks away at those who are stuck in front of a fluorescent prison (ie. the office) begging that they were somewhere else instead of wasting their day in front of computer screen buying stuff online because they’re bored! I was getting itchy feet to off and travel somewhere by myself for a while when I was watching this!

Mexican Beer

It’s a great travel documentary clip that captures a lifestyle I want to have! It’s a good bit of promo for off the trail Mexican travel and there’s not a tourist trap in sight.

Anyway, seven creative types who didn’t know each other beforehand were piled into a bus for a week to see what Mexico had to offer. This sounds like a reality TV ploy to lump a heap of people together to create a lot of conflict for top ratings, but it looks like the end result was a lot of fun and I’m actually a bit jealous of these guys.

Corona Extra

But it seems like throwing together people from different backgrounds to come up with a promo has worked. Surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, musician Hanni El Khatib, skateboarder Andrew Brophy, artists Jeff Canham and Rose Ashton, and filmmaker Riley Blakeway have produced something worth having a look at, just for the cool surfing and skateboarding moves alone!

I was pretty envious of these guys as my first surfing lesson was with former world champion Mark Occhilupo. It was like trying to teach a sack of potatoes how to surf. And Mark knew I was pretty bad at surfing…

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I found the worst thing about this video was that I wasn’t in it experiencing it first hand for myself! I haven’t been on a long trip for a while and I think I’m getting cabin fever!

How do I score a gig like this? Sounds like paradise to me – beer and travel!

This was produced in partnership with Corona Extra!

Someplace Else


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