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Airline Passenger Boredom – Ransom Note Letters

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Here is one from the low cost airline files from my mate at Curious Drifter about Airline Passenger Boredom. Definitely a ‘first world problem’. I’m guessing that if you can afford a plane ticket, you must be at the pointy end of the bell curve in terms of being one of the worlds’ richest people.

But anyway, I digress. These days, low cost airlines are just that – you get what you pay for. You pretty much get the seat, and then everything else is added on top of that – like luggage, food, and in-flight entertainment. Actually, these low cost flights are great for short hauls – it’s just like catching the bus and frankly, the arrival of them has definitely revolutionised air travel.

However, sometimes Tight Arse Travellers become bored on both short and long haul international flights when they are too skint (Aussie slang for ‘broke’) to pay a few bucks for video access so they are left to their own devices to come up with something to keep them occupied..

Which leads to creative inventions like this on the back of the airplane seats – the Result of Airline Passenger Boredom!

Airline Passenger Boredom! Creates new Masterpieces!

Airline Passenger Boredom - Ransom Note Letters

Anyway, my mate says “this is a modification to the back of a tray table – I thought this was pretty good.

It was the tray table for my recent flight. In the slot where the airline normally holds its advertising, someone created this masterpiece using all different cut outs from the in-flight magazine … kind of like those kidnappers do in their ransom notes in the Hollywood movies.”

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I was thinking, a ransom note-like letter on an aeroplane doesn’t seem very appropriate! Sounds like whoever did this is asking for a free cavity search when they go through customs at the other end!

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This is almost as silly as the  Sexy Male Flight Attendant Lingerie Set.

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