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Here are some silly Travel Guides!

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Gorge Swing - World's Highest Biggest Oribi Gorge South Africa
Botswana Egypt Kenya
Malawi Mauritius Morocco
Mozambique Namibia Nigeria
South Africa Sudan Tanzania
Zambia Zimbabwe


Onsen Japanese Spa Hot Tub Funny Engrish Sign
Bhutan Cambodia China
India Indonesia Israel
Japan JordanKazakhstan
Laos Malaysia Myanmar
Philippines Singapore South Korea
Taiwan Thailand Turkey
United Arab Emirates Vietnam


La Rambla Barcelona Spain - Buskers
England Finland France
Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy
Kosovo Netherlands Norway
Poland Portugal Russia
Scotland Spain Sweden
Switzerland Wales

North America

Airport People
Barbados Canada Costa Rica
Guatemala Mexico Nicaragua
United States


Australian Gift Souvenirs - Kangaroo Scrotum Coin Pouch
Australia Fiji Marshall Islands
New Zealand Samoa Solomon Islands

South America

Downhill Mountain Bikes
Argentina Bolivia Brazil
Chile Colombia Ecuador
Peru Uruguay

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Yalda Hakim Interview
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Beer Index – A bit different from ‘Beer Of The Month!’

Everyone’s heard of the ‘Big Mac Index’ – where the affordability of a country is expressed as the price of a Big Mac.  It’s irrelevant to me, I don’t like Big Macs.  I’d rather eat a large pie filled with warthog (which I’ve done in South Africa!).

However, I’d rather use a more useful index, such as my own ‘Beer Index‘ – something that most people can understand.   Unfortunately, beer does not come in a ‘standard global size’, so some calculations are required to obtain an accurate unit price.

However, just for you, I’ve been a big nerd and have worked out the price of beer per litre, in Australian dollars.  Here is the first Beer Index I created (prices were correct at the time when I tried them), and does not represent the entire suite of beers that I’ve sampled throughout my travels – I’ll add more to the list when I travel to a new place!

You can fine more Beer related articles below:

RankingCountryBeerVolumeLocal CurrencyAustralian CurrencyPrice per litre ($AUD)
1stArgentinaQuilmes970 ml1.2 Pesos Argentinos$0.60$0.62
2ndKazakhstanTyan Shan1000 ml100 Tenge$0.90$0.90
3rdZimbabweZambezi Lager375 ml300 Zimbabwe Dollars$0.50$1.33
4thBoliviaPacena375 ml3 Bolivianos$0.60$1.60
5thPhilippinesSan Miguel375mlPhilippine Pesos$0.66$1.75
6th UruguayFNC Pilsen375 mlPesos Uruguayos$0.70$1.87
7th IndonesiaBin Tang375 ml6000 Rupiah$0.76$2.03
8th NamibiaWindhoek375 ml6 Namibian Dollars$0.80$2.13
9thSouth AfricaCastle Lager375 ml6 Rand$0.80$2.13
10thSwazilandAmstel375 ml6 Lilangeni$0.80$2.13
11thPortugalSuper Bock Green375 ml0.5 Euros$0.80$2.13
12thTurkeyEfes Pilsen600 ml1.5 Million Turkish Lira$1.50$2.50
13thChileCristal375 ml430 Pesos Chilenos$1.00$2.66
14thPeruCusqena375 ml5 Nuevo Soles$1.23$3.28
15thBrazilSkol375ml2 Reais$1.31$3.49
16thKenyaTusker375 ml100 Kenyan Shillings$1.67$4.44
17thMalawiKuche Kuche375 ml200 Malawi Kwacha$1.79$4.76
18thZambiaMosi Lager375 ml8000 Zambian Kwacha$1.91$5.10
19thTanzaniaKilimanjaro Lager375 ml2000 Tanzanian Shillings$1.93$5.14
20thMoroccoStork375 ml12 Dirham$2.00$5.33
21stEgyptStella Local375 ml8 Egyptian Pounds$2.00$5.33
22ndBotswanaBlack Label Lager375 ml6 Pula$3.00$8.00
23rdNew ZealandSpeights375 ml4 New Zeland Dollars$3.08$8.21
24thAustriaGosser375ml2 Euros$3.20$8.53
25thAustraliaJames Boags Draught580 ml5 Australian Dollars$5.50$9.48
26thUnited StatesVarious Micro Brews600 ml6 US Dollars$6.60$11.00
27thKosovoRakija750 ml6 German Deuchmarks$5.00$13.33
28thIrelandGuinness570 ml4.5 Euros$9.00$15.78
29thScotlandLots of them570 ml3 Scottish Pounds$9.00$15.78
30thNorthern IrelandCaffreys570 mlNorthern Irish Pounds$9.00$15.78
31stWalesLots of them570 ml3 Pounds$9.00$15.78
32ndEnglandLots of them570 ml3 Pounds$9.00$15.78
Ineligible*SpainEstrella375 mlIneligibleIneligibleIneligible
Ineligible*ItalyPeroni375 mlIneligibleIneligibleIneligible
Ineligible*SwitzerlandLots of them500 mlIneligibleIneligibleIneligible

* These entries were deemed ineligible because relatives or friends were constantly shouting beers.

Beer Index Prices - Like Big Mac Index For Beer Of The Month

I haven’t included any Home Brew Beer on here (here’s a book on how to make beer!) – but if I’m in your country and taste it, I’ll include it!

Apparently, if you’re saving up for that trip overseas and want to develop your own Beer Index, this guy has developed a guide to Making Money While Drinking Beer!

And here is my beer label collection.  This is not an accurate sample of the beers that I’ve road tested (some of these beers I had to sample on numerous occasions to make sure they were good).  If I find some more, I’ll add them!

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You would have noticed that as an Australian Travel Blogger and Travel Writer, I don’t take myself too seriously – and that my travel writing leans towards the quirky side.

Sometimes, I actually don’t write in Australian Slang! You can see some of my travel writing examples here.

Travel Writer And Blogging Services - Anthony Bianco

I do a bit of Freelance Travel Writing here and there as well (I’m your travel blogger for hire!) which stops me from selling myself on the street, as well as Content, SEO & Social Media Consulting. But hey, it works for me and I really enjoy it!

Travel Writer Projects, Famils, Press Trips, Social Media and Promotions

I’ve also worked with plenty of brands – like these!

Travel Influencer Who Has Worked With Travel Brands Including Airlines, Accommodation Providers, And Tourism Boards.

I’ve also miraculously appeared in some fairly high profile publications, like these!

Travel Blogger And Writer Publications

Who I’ve Worked With! Travel Writer Press Trips, Famils and Promotions

Check out my press trip, famil, and travel promotions track record and the brands I’ve collaborated with as a Travel Influencer From Australia!

They include tourism boards, airlines, experience providers, cruise liners, tech companies, and car hire companies. I’m keen on all sorts of blogger trips.

I’m also available to speak at your conference about what’s happening in the online world.

Travel Conference Speaker Writing Blogging Seo

I provide excellent value when compared to other forms of media like newspapers, magazine and television. Why? Here’s the proof.

Well first of all, you have a travel writer, photographer and videographer all in one. I work in the space that everyone uses when they want to find information on travel – that is, online. Traditional media has a limited shelf life. As soon as someone turns the page or finishes watching the TV, the shelf life is gone forever.

We all know that newspaper and magazine circulations have been declining for years and everything is going online. Where is the first place you look for information? It’s the internet! And this audience is only going to become bigger once more people become connected.

Being an online type, I live in the space where I can provide exposure for you by creating long term internet traffic and video views that have an indefinite shelf life.

As an example, I’ve undertaken a week long press trip that resulted in 12 blog posts, 9 videos, 15 social media updates on multiple platforms, and sometimes publication in traditional media outlets.

Compare that with traditional media, which usually only provides one article or feature, and that exposure is gone once the newspaper or magazine is in the bin! The exposure I provide for you lasts for years!

For example, after 5 years, I’m still attracting internet traffic after press trips to Fiji and South Africa – after already attracting tens of thousands of views.

Fiji Press Trip Internet Traffic
Fiji Press Trip
South Africa Press Trip Internet Traffic
South African Press Trip

How do I do this? By targeting keywords that people are Googling and supporting social media channels.

Here are numerous examples of Fiji related keywords that bring traffic to my site. I provide what people are looking for!

Search Engine Optimisation Seo For Travel Sites
Youtube Video Title Optimisation

And here is an example where I am still providing exposure on YouTube long after the trip: my YouTube Channel consistently attracts views.

Youtube Travel Channel Stats - The Travel Tart

This is in addition to exposure on social media, which I have found to be very effective:

Tweetreach Graph Travel Reach - The Travel Tart

I provide a great service, so please Contact Me for more details!

I see myself as part of your marketing plan – as I’m the one that executes the plan and attracts eyeballs and exposure to your brand!

This is what I will provide for you when I undertake a press trip or promotion as a minimum – I usually produce a lot more because I spot loads of content that doesn’t appear on the itinerary:

  • Agreed number of blog posts and schedule
  • Agreed number of videos produced and uploaded to YouTube
  • Social media updates to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • A report outlining campaign success, analytics and social media reach one month after the last blog post.

Please contact me for more details!

Freelance Travel Writer Services

I’m available to undertake some freelance travel writing across all travel genres.

See more at my page of travel writing examples.

Australian Freelance Travel Writer - Brisbane Queensland Anthony Bianco

I’ve also appeared in the following hardcopy and online publications:

  • ABC Radio
  • Radio 2UE
  • Cleo Magazine
  • Times of India
  • Men’s Health
  • Huffington Post
  • Rex Airlines Magazine
  • Australian Financial Review
  • The Age
  • US News
  • Travel + Leisure
  • Brisbane Times
  • Frommer’s
  • Eat This, Not That
  • Fox News USA
  • USA Today
  • Yahoo! Travel
  • The Guardian UK
  • Problogger
  • Digital Photography School
  • Lonely Planet
  • TravelTalk Magazine
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Canberra Times
  • Travel Supermarket
  • Rough Guides
  • Insight Guides

Awards and Recognition

  • Top 20 Travel Blog, and Winner: Funniest Travel Blog on – August 2012.
  • Nominated for a Visit Britain Media Award (Best Online Feature), May 2011.
  • Travel Memoir: ‘I Hope That My God Makes Your Bus Crash and You’re The Only One Who Dies!’ (Genre: Non Fiction, Travel). Highly Commended, Interactive Press Picks 2010.
  • Wanderlust Magazine UK ‘Weird World’ Travel Photography Competition – ‘Health Worker’ photo, September 2009.

Anyway, please contact me for more information!

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