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Oyster Card – London Underground Travel Card

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For those who are going to London soon, I’d strongly suggest getting hold of an Oyster Card if you don’t want to walk around London all day and confront the often predictable London weather – which usually ranges from glorious sunshine to annoying drizzly rain to overcast to sunny again. Make sure you bring a raincoat/umbrella/jumper every time you go out!

Anyway, I used an Oyster Card on my recent trip to the United Kingdom for the first time, and it definitely makes London Public Transport a lot easier – you basically swipe your Oyster Card at the gate and they open up, automatically deducting an amount from the card before you venture on the London Underground (the Tube) or one of the buses.

Oyster Card – You need one in London!

Having one of these cards beats standing in line for tickets, plus it’s a lot cheaper than buying individual journeys each time you feel like venturing out. And since London is a place where your money evaporates easily, it’s worth saving the odd pound here or there to have it re-allocated into the Beer Budget.

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For example, the Oyster Card is great for going from your London Accommodation, to a Walking Tour, then to a Theatre Show,  and go to a major event like the Notting Hill Carnival to watch the Beer Can Balancing Man then maybe finish off at a Coffee Shop. And then go to to the East End for a Curry. All while trying to speak a bit of British Slang!

I must admit, I find London a bit cramped sometimes and often can’t wait to leave to venture to the wide open spaces of Wales, but the Oyster Card made life a bit easier in the crowds of London Town.

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More Oyster Card Stuff

You can get one from the official Oyster Card site before you turn up, or score an Oyster Card there in England itself.

Enjoy travelling around London town!

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  1. Avatar Of Big Ben

    Här är en bild som jag tog när jag var i London, skulle vilja åka dit snart igen.

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