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Indian Food – How To Order Curry in London’s East End

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Indian Food Time! Yummy!

I love Indian Food, and I like to have the odd Curry here and there that packs a bit of kick.

That’s why I was excited to try out a Curry House in Brick Lane, located in London’s East End just before embarking on my Wales Blogging Junket.

However, there is a certain etiquette when you are after a curry there – Brick Lane is home to over 60 Curry Restaurants, and it’s pretty fierce competition to try and stay in business. That means that every single Curry House has a spruiker (slang for a ‘promoter’) outside wanting you to go into their curry shop. And they are willing to cut some good deals with you just to get you in the door.

For example, they might offer a hefty discount of the total meal price, or maybe throw in a couple of free wines or beer with your Indian Food. You will probably be asked to go into every single Curry Restaurant in Brick Lane, but it’s pretty laid back and it’s worth wandering down the street to see what appeals to you. You won’t have a lack of choice!

How To Order Indian Food At The East End

Here is an interview that I recorded with one of the the East End Curry House promoters about the process! Hope you understand some of his Pommy Expressions!


As for myself, I had a superb Sulemani Chicken there, after scoffing a couple of lamb samosas. Sulemani Chicken is a mango based mild curry that took me about 5 seconds to finish off because I a) was hungry and b) found the dish delicious.

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So the next time you are in London, make sure you head out to the East End and get stuck into some Indian Food!

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2 thoughts on “Indian Food – How To Order Curry in London’s East End”

  1. Avatar Of Ayngelina

    Oh how I needed this post a few years ago when I visited London. How do you find the prices there, are they competitive as well?

    1. Avatar Of Anthony

      Yes, the prices are pretty good, depending on what you’re getting. The depreciating pound helps a lot – main dishes where around 6 to 9 pounds at the time!

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