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I am just wondering if this Funny Toilet Sign is a good advertisement or not!

I spotted this gem of a Funny Toilet Sign at the restaurant where I pigged out on some Bunny Chow, the unusual curry that is stuffed into half a loaf of bread. This is a unpretentious meal that won’t definitely leave you hungry! In fact, it will have the opposite effect! There is definitely nothing posh about this meal – that is paying a hundred bucks to end up with a tiny piece of garnish which is celebrated of ‘food art’.

Yes, the sign is located within eye shot of where you can eat one of the largest curries on the planet. I probably needed to walk along the coast of South Africa for a week to burn the calories of this meal!

Ironically, I almost felt like the picture portrayed in the image below after eating a curry that is suited more to four people, instead of one!

Here it is! This is one of the funniest toilet signs I have seen in a long time! I hope there isn’t a lock on the door! Some people might need to have a very quick release!

Funny Toilet Sign – That Reflects Reality!

Funny Toilet Sign - House Of Curries
I’m busting bro!

I’m guessing this is what happens to one’s bowel movements after scoffing down a stomach pummelling feed of Bunny Chow.

Hope you enjoyed the Funny Toilet Sign of the week! I hope you haven’t just had the urge to run to the nearest lavatory just because you read this silly article!

Maybe this sign should have appeared in Bathroom Signs: More Than 150 Weird, Wacky and Sometimes Warped Places to Find Relief. I think it deserves a mention for sure!

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Actually, the people in Durban don’t take themselves too seriously, so I’m not surprised that this sign was drawn up!

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3 thoughts on “Funny Toilet Sign – House of Curries”

  1. Avatar Of Dawn

    Now that is a toilet sign that crosses all language barriers. It really doesn’t matter where you are from – you know what that sign means!

  2. Avatar Of Michael

    I might thing twice about eating curry at a place with restroom signs like that. The girl looks like she might want to use the restroom first. She looks like shes about to fall over.

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