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Drink Coffee Sign – Do Stupid Things More Faster With More Energy!

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On a trip to Stradbroke Island, which is a very underrated island off the coast of Brisbane in Australia, I stopped by the Island Fruit Barn which is a local institution and provides a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables for both locals and visitors alike, alongside some tasty snacks etc: and spotted a gem of a ‘Drink Coffee‘ sign.

The Island Fruit Barn is run by a couple of funny locals, judging by the quirky surroundings of the shop which included action figurines and the occasional placement of a satirical sign here and there. But that’s what I like about going to one of these places – the quirkiness of local stores is a refreshing change from the numerous multinational chains that are around. The personality of the owners tends to spread itself around the shop.

Obviously you can dose yourself up with a caffeine hit from the shop: judging by this funny ‘drink coffee’ sign I spotted next to the coffee machine:

Funny Drink Coffee Sign Time!

Drink Coffee Sign Do Stupid Things More Faster With More Energy

Ha ha, yes, a tribute to all the silly things that coffee can lead to! I love these old 1950’s style pics that have a silly message plastered beneath them!

Anyway, I had a chat to the ladies that run the Island Fruit Barn, including an establishing shot for a rather bizarre statue which had me thinking ‘where have I seen her before?’

Probably in some dodgy pub in my youth!

Anyway, if you are doing the east coast trail of Australia and happen to be in Brisbane, it’s worth the train ride to nearby Cleveland to take the short ferry ride over to Stradbroke Island (otherwise known as Straddie). If you’re looking for a nice place to chill out that isn’t overrun by tourists, it’s a great place to go.

Maybe don’t go there in the school holidays when it’s really busy, but have a look. This photo sells itself!

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And look, it’s not like a European beach where you are most likely to touch someone if you stretch out!

Stradbroke Island Near Brisbane Queensland Australia. Day Trips From Brisbane Queensland

If you’re around South East Queensland in late June each year, you can hop over to Staddie and check out the ‘Taste of Straddie‘ Festival, where a number of events are held throughout a one week period for both adults and kids alike.

Anyway, back to it!

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4 thoughts on “Drink Coffee Sign – Do Stupid Things More Faster With More Energy!”

  1. Avatar Of Miss Footloose | Life In The Expat Lane

    Love that coffee sign! I have a thing for funny signs and I was in heaven when I lived in Ghana, West Africa. By coincidence or synchronicity, I just did a post about some of the signs you see by the road there. So if you need a laugh or are in the mood for more quirkiness, come on over and have a look. It’s here:

    I know it is not proper blogging protocol to leave a link, but I think it was just too much of a coincidence to let it pass!

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