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The Generation Gap. Oh so true!

One thing that hasn’t changed throughout the ages is how different generations bitch about each other based on their habits and upbringing. Sometimes, one generation looks to another and just shakes their head, thinking ‘what the hell are they on about?’ Hence, this phenomenon is called the Generation Gap.

Anyway, one thing that has changed a lot in a short amount of time is the phone. I remember growing up without the mobile phone or the internet, and I’ve seen just how much these two inventions have changed the way we do things. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse!

The thing about change is that while you might gain something, you might also lose something. For example, you might gain the ability to talk about what STI’s you contracted recently on public transport, but then you might lose your teeth because someone punches your face out because you’re being annoying!

Anyway, I digress. Here is something funny I spotted on a trip to Airlie Beach in Queensland, Australia, which is a popular stop over for visitors doing the east coast Australia trip from Cairns down to Melbourne.

Anyway, it’s an old fashioned looking phone that caught my eye at Whitsunday Airport, belonging to Tiger Moth Adventures.

If you’re wondering how to use this, it works by placing your finger in the numbered hole that you want, and then moving it until your finger hits a metal barrier which means you’ve successfully dialled one number in a sequence of whatever phone number you need to call.

Generation Gap - Old Phone Test

The phone itself isn’t that funny, but the accompanying instructions that were located next to the phone were.

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Anyway, this is what the instructions said – check it out!

Instructions: For the use of the telephone, select your age bracket below.

You are in your 50’s

Dial the number on the dial.

You are in your 40’s

This is similar to a touch phone. However, you must now place your finger into the hole representing the number and rotate the dial clockwise for each number.

You are in your 30’s

With your left hand – that’s the one on the <= side, lift the receiver and place it next to your ear. Place your finger into the hole that represents each number in turn. For example, to dial zero, or, in your case, 0, place your finger in the hole above the 0 and rotate (turn) the dial clockwise => (that’s to the right) until your finger hits that bar that stops you from screwing the dial off. Remove your finger and like magic,  the dial turns back all by itself. Now do the same with the 4 and the rest of the numbers. When you finish dialling, it works just like your mobile. When you finish, place the receiver from whence it came.

You are in your 20’s

Do not bother. The technology is far too advanced for you to grasp the concept that there needs to be some effort required to get a result. Sit down, become the biggest Twit on Twitter, communicate with your imaginary friends on Facebook, and text away to your heart’s content. I’ll be back soon!

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Ha ha, there’s an element of truth in all of this!

Anyway for more on the Generation Gap, check out Retiring the Generation Gap: How Employees Young and Old Can Find Common Ground.

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5 thoughts on “The Generation Gap – Old Phone Test”

  1. Avatar Of Corinne

    You know, the thing that was the best about old phones is they were stuck at home. No phone calls to interrupt lunch or play games on. Even though I love my Smartphone, sometimes I wish for the good ol’ days!

  2. Avatar Of Judy Peterson

    I have mixed feelings about how phones have changed. I love that I can use my phone anywhere. With the old ones mounted on the wall, you were stuck in one room, but you didn’t dare use it during dinner. I love my GPS and voice/vice texting now.

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