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Tea and Coffee – Nice When Separate. Better Mixed Together!

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Two of the world’s most popular drinks – Tea and Coffee. You’ll find variants of this stuff from all around the world and in some unusual places.

Some people like only one. Some like both (that is, separately!). I don’t mind having one or the other. But I try to find some of the more unusual quirks of these drinks when I’m out and about.

Here are some left of field examples that I’ve come across in my travels:



Some of the above examples are a bit ‘out there’, but I tried a concoction in Singapore at the Tiong Bahru area that is called Yin and Yang drink – which means it’s a half/half mix of tea and coffee in the same cup!

This weird drink appeared as the one on 10 Weird Things to do in Singapore which I managed to undertake thanks with the help of the friendly local guides found on MeGuideU.

Tea and Coffee Mixed as One!

This is what it looks like when it comes out!

Ying And Yang - Tea And Coffee Mixed Together
Tea and Coffee – Yummo!

So what does this stuff taste like? Well, surprisingly good.

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What happens to the taste buds on your tongue, is that you first receive a tea hit, which is followed by a hit of coffee just afterwards. Whilst I had never tasted something like this before, it was actually pretty good and I finished the whole lot!

The lesson here is that while something might sound or seem unusual to your culture, doesn’t mean it’s bad. You might be pleasantly surprised and really like what you try. In fact, you’ll probably end up coming back for more!

Thanks to MeGuideU who provided this experience, and you can also follow them on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

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5 thoughts on “Tea and Coffee – Nice When Separate. Better Mixed Together!”

  1. Avatar Of Rebecca

    two of my favorite things together – now they just need to add a splash of whiskey and it will be happy days!

  2. Avatar Of Ian

    Given the fusion of cuisines that goes on in Malaysia and Singapore, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. Intriguing nonetheless!

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