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The 10 Best ways to get fu**ed over on Bangla Road, Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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Today I’ve got a funny travel story from Jana and Shaun who run The Young, Wild and Free about Bangla Road in Phuket, Thailand.

Shaun and Jana are an Australian couple who love to travel! Join them on their adventure, as they quit their jobs to travel the world, with Thailand as their current destination. The Young Wild and Free is the story of their journey as they set out to discover the world, take each day as it comes, and have the time of their lives! Scuba divers and beach bum extraordinaire’s life is pretty sweet.

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Anyway, here it is!

There’s at least 10 ways to get Fu**ed over on Bangla Road, Phuket – So we tried them all.

When visiting Thailand, it doesn’t take long to realise the Thai’s are tricksters. Well practiced at pretty much any art they have chosen to master. Some mastering the art of swapping their particular skill, or trick in return for a traveller’s money. On our visit to Phuket, we checked out Bangla Road (where the party’s at!)

Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket Thailand

Bangla Road is a cross between a seedy red light district and a colourful wonderland of bars, clubs, and street performers. Let’s just say, it didn’t take long for our eyes to be open to the many creative ways the innocent tourist, can unknowingly get fu**ed over, ripped off, or throw all their money away on one wild night of partying. We fell head first into some of these, then decided to embrace the fun of the place – And find the 10 best ways to get fu**ed over on Bangla Road.

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Connect 4

Connect 4. Nearly every bar you get a drink at you will be offered by a good looking lady if you’d like to play Connect 4 – Man, ill tell you what I thought was good at this game – But these ladies have it sorted hands down. They win every time. The deal is play for a drink so 200 Baht later, dare you play again?

Connect 4

Just a tip: don’t start chatting about the working conditions these ladies are under or you WILL (as we did) get escorted out of there very soon after.

Pretty ladies

A common one – Which we saw multiple times was a poor gullable drunk bloke trying to impress the pretty ladies. ALL the pretty ladies, who every evening, head out for free.

Pretty Ladies In Thailand

Start up a chat with a lonely bloke and before long he’s buying a round for a whole pack of them. Not sure what else he will be buying.


Photo with the ladyboys? Fix a price first! If you don’t you will be paying the set price they decide per ladyboy in photo plus commission!

Ladyboys In Phukhet

Ring the Bell

For the happy drunks (which is most of them), there is of course the bell. Each bar has its own bell – Which if you ring it (it makes a good ding) you have offered to buy a round of shots for the entire bar.

Ring The Bell

This of course works in your favour if you end up at an Aussie bar (yes they have them over here) the bell doesn’t stop ringing!

Dress up in an Indian Headdress

No explanation needed.

Indian Headdress

Hang the Bar/ Hit the Nail Hard Enough

Hang the Bar/ or Hit the nail hard enough free whiskey for you! Has anyone ever won one of these things in any town anywhere ever?

Hang The Bar / Hit The Nail Hard Enough

For some reason people think their drunk night on Bangla Road might be the time!

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Virtual reality

Have the time of your life playing on a virtual reality roller coaster, wearing virtual reality glasses, while a Thai guy lifts you up and down off the ground and spins you around, round and round. If you don’t throw up afterwards you get all your money back.

Virtual Reality

Fish Eat the Bacteria off your Feet

This ones fair fair we didn’t find this to be a rip off, as Shaun’s feet don’t smell or I’m sure taste the best – But man! Those fish have some teeth on them.

Fish Eat The Bacteria Off Your Feet

Massage parlours

Then when your feet have had the life sucked right out of them, how about finish it off with a nice foot massage. Hope your not ticklish like me.

Massage Parlours


I also felt this one we got our money’s worth with this one.

Iguanas In Thailand

Shaun felt differently.

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  1. Avatar Of Heather

    Though some people despise this part of Phuket, it can be a very fun time for those that love the nightlife … excellent post!

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