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Public Restrooms Near Me – A Most Unusual Toilet Sign!

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Yay, more toilet humour and it’s to do with Public Restrooms around the world – this time, in the Kingdom of Bhutan! This adds to the ever growing archive of toilet humour clogging up the internet’s S bend!

Bhutan is becoming a popular destination for those looking for something a bit different. The number of visitors to Bhutan is capped annually to avoid overcrowding so that it doesn’t feel too much like Tourist Season all of the time. They’re having a good crack at actually delivering some Sustainable Tourism rather than green-washing the term.

It’s not a cheap place to visit either – the government charges around $USD200 to $250 per day per traveller, but this does include accommodation, transport costs and food. Anyway, I’m keen to check it out sometime!

And that’s because of a funny public restroom sign I’ve come across because it’s a bit out there! Anyway, this is a rather informative wooden toilet signboard welcoming tourists on a window in the city of Thimphu – the capital of Bhutan.

That’s all well and good, but I’m not sure if this is advertising the men’s restrooms or something else…

The Best Ever Public Restrooms Sign!

Funny Public Restrooms Near Me Sign

Geeeez. You can’t say this is Engrish either as the sign is quite visually…. striking! And I’m not sure how welcoming the phallus thingy drawing would be.

Oh well. If you have to go, you have to go! Maybe it’s just pointing in the general direction of the public restroom. I hope the aim is straight!

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