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Egyptian Pyramid Construction – What Do They Look Like Inside?

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Visiting an Egyptian Pyramid is one of the biggest travel cliches in the world. However, they are still impressive and worth a look if you’re ever going to venture to Egypt.

Most people know about the Giza Pyramids, located on the outskirts of Cairo. While one has to pay to enter the pyramid of Cheops at Giza, his old man’s pyramid further down the road at Memphis is much better value (that is, free) since it is lesser known in the world of the three dimensional triangles.

Egyptian Pyramids – A sneak peak inside them!

When I visited in 2002, I was quite happy that the cheap-arse option worked in my favour for once.

However, my calves were cursing my travel addiction, as the long trek towards the pyramids’ heart involved transcending a tunnel that dipped at an angle of 45 degrees, and was only about 120 centimetres high.

The outside of the pyramid is shown below.

Pyramids Entry Point - Memphis

This gymnastic performance required a body metamorphosis that made me acquire a bent neck and Quasimodo-like back. I was also concerned that the pyramid entrance ‘guards’ had insisted on me ‘renting’ their torches for ‘safety reasons’ – even though a constant trail of fluorescent lighting had produced a glare almost half as much as the standard 7-11 store.

After spending time inside a pyramid, I could understand why some conspiracy theorists think they were built by aliens. The precision of the pyramid blocks was astounding. Looking up from inside the chamber, each block was perfectly interlocked with the other, and no sign of degradation was visible.

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Egyptian Pyramids – This is what they look like inside!

Have a look inside this Egyptian Pyramid below.

Egyptian Pyramid What Do They Look Like On The Inside? Photo Taken Inside The Pyramid
Yup, this is what a Pyramid looks like when you’re inside it!

You can find out more at Look Inside A Pyramid and Pyramid (DK Eyewitness Books).

Whilst simple, this structure would have been a structural engineers’ delight.

So there is today’s lesson on Egyptian Pyramids.

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4 thoughts on “Egyptian Pyramid Construction – What Do They Look Like Inside?”

  1. Avatar Of Ralph

    I was just discussing the pyramids guards with our Egyptologist guides in Cairo this week. They all tip the guards themselves to stop them hassling our clients for torch rentals, to not turn the lights out while people are inside, and also to let people out of the inner chamber at all (sometimes the guards will just block the exit until you tip them).

    The main pyramid at Gisa still has a restricted number of tickets issued each day (around 150 first thing in the morning, and then again at midday), and the entrance fee is 100 Egyptian Pounds (approx. GBP11). Due to the restricted numbers, it can be hard to get in here, unless you get there early and queue up (guides are no longer allowed to queue for you and purchase tickets on your behalf).
    The other two pyramids at Gisa are similar inside, though on a smaller scale, do not have limits on the numbers of visitors entering, and cost only 25-30 Egyptian Pounds (approx. GBP 2.50-3.50), and these are the ones our travellers normally visit.

    Memphis & Saqqara are indeed well worth a visit, as you’ll learn a lot here about how pyramid building developed from simple mastabas, to stepped pyramids such as that of Djoser in Saqqara, different attempts & styles such as those of the ‘Bent’ & ‘Red’ pyramids at Dashour, right up to the familiar ones you see at Gisa.

    I still get a thrill when I drive through Cairo and see the Gisa pyramids appearing on the horizon, but do try and fit in some others as well if you do visit Egypt.

    1. Avatar Of Anthony

      Unfortunately, no secret chambers with lost Pharoahs or treasures. I would think many others before myself would have removed such riches.

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